Etihad has come out with a new promotion to get your money now, even if you don’t plan to travel until later

Etihad First Class Apartment
Etihad First Class Apartment

50% Bonus on any Etihad Voucher You Buy Now

Etihad sent out this offer today:

To give you more to spend on your next break, we’ve introduced the Etihad Travel Voucher. Buy an Etihad Travel Voucher between 10 – 24 June and we’ll add 50% to the value of your voucher for free. So, if you buy a voucher worth $1,000, you’ll have $1,500 to spend on your next trip. Simple.

Choose an amount from $250 up to $65,000 and then use your Etihad Travel Voucher to pay for flights and extras from 1 August 2020. Your voucher is valid for two years, so you have plenty of time to plan the perfect trip.

This 50% bonus equates to a 33.33% discount on the amount you buy. $1,000 gets you $1,500 or, put another way, you get $1,500 for 33.33% off – just $1,000.

Link to Offer Page


Fly the Etihad First Class Apartment for ~$2,693

This means that if you pick one of Etihad’s lower priced routes for the First Class Apartment, like Colombo, Sri Lanka, to NYC, you can fly both a connecting flight to Abu Dhabi in Business Class and the First Class Apartment to New York for just $2,693.

The above price is available nearly every day (the price only rises after a certain number of 1st Class seats are sold).


Why Pay for the Apartment When You Can Use Miles?

No question, using American Airlines AAdvantage miles to book the Apartment, or using Aeroplan miles to book the Etihad First Class Apartment, would be the way to go. At just a bit over 100,000 miles for the same flight, it’s the better deal for sure.

But the award seats are heavily capacity controlled. Depending on where you are flying and what the cash cost is, this could be a way to fly the Apartment on the dates you want at a significant savings.

I’m not saying a $2,700 one way fare is cheap, but for a special occasion and if you can’t find award space, it might not be a bad idea. As always, it’s best to have options….

Of course, you can also use this deal for a sizable discount on any fare, including business and economy classes.

Link to Voucher Offer Page


Would you buy one of these Etihad vouchers?

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