Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort
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Alila Hotels Joins Hyatt

For me, World of Hyatt redemptions remain my number one use of Chase Ultimate Rewards points. I consistently get 2 cents per point ++ for them. For example, I just redeemed 12,000 Hyatt points for a Saturday night stay at the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City. Room rates are over $400 a night for any summer Saturday. And there’s a ~$30 resort fee on top. With tax and fees it’s $500. With 12,000 Hyatt points, wherein resort fees are waived on points redemptions, I’m getting about 4 cents a point. I’ve written before about how to book the Ocean Resort in Atlantic City for free.

A new small chain has joined World of Hyatt and the first of the hotels are now bookable.

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Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort
Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort

From the Press Release:

16 Alila hotels are joining World of Hyatt beginning June 25, 2019 through July 16, 2019, including:

  • Ventana Big Sur – an Alila Resort – Big Sur, California (June 25)
  • Alila Solo – Solo (Surakarta), Central Java, Indonesia (June 25)
  • Alila Seminyak – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (June 25)
  • Studios at Alila Seminyak – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (June 25)
  • Alila Ubud – Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia (June 25)
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu – Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia (June 25)
  • Alila Villas Koh Russey – Koh Russey, Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia (June 26)
  • Alila Bangsar – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June 26)
  • Alila Manggis – Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia (June 26)
  • Alila SCBD – Jakarta, Java, Indonesia (June 26)
  • Alila Diwa Goa – Salcette, Goa, India (July 15)
  • The Diwa Club by Alila – Salcette, Goa, India (July 15)
  • Alila Jabal Akhdar – Jabal Al Akhdar, Oman (July 15)
  • Alila Fort Bishangarh – Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (July 16)
  • Alila Anji – Anji, Zhejiang, China (July 16)
  • Alila Wuzhen – Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China (July 16)

I was most excited to check out the Ventana Big Sur as Big Sur is on my list of places to see. It’s a high-end resort and room rates start at over $1,000 a night. (They also have glamping available, starting around $580 a night, but, the glamping tents are not available with points.

Ventana Big Sur – an Alila Resort

Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort

I wasn’t thrilled to see that it’s 30,000 points per night, but it’s way above the 2 cent per point wheelhouse I use as my redemption baseline. On many nights, with rates hovering closer to $1,500, you’ll see 4-5 cents per point in value.

(HT to Uaflyer in the comments below for correcting me on the glamping rooms/rates vs the standard rooms here. I’ve since updated the post.)


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  1. You’re pretty off on your Ventana valuation. The glamping tents start at $600 but the regular cabin rooms are well over $1000 – $1500 on the date in your screenshot – and those are the ones that the 30,000 point redemptions count toward.

    Also, glamping tents are a relatively new addition at Ventana and there are just a few. Calling the place a glamping resort isn’t very accurate.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I was excited enough as it was 😉 I’ve updated the post with a HT to you here. I’ve not yet been to the resort, as you can surmise, but. plan to check it out using points early next year.


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