GoWild Frontier all you can fly

If you can stomach flying Frontier and making your plans at the very last minute, you might find a lot of value in this promotion from Frontier Airlines.

frontier all you can fly unlimited pass

Available in two flavors, you can fly all you want from May 2, 2023 – September 30th, 2023 for just $399.

Or, you can get a full year of unlimited travel starting May 2nd, 2023 for $1,299.

Per the Frontier website:

Here’s how it works:
  1. Buy the GoWild! Pass
  2. Login to your FRONTIER Miles account
  3. Search & Book on FlyFrontier.com the day before flight departure for domestic travel and starting 10 days before flight departure for international travel. Your pass will be valid for one year beginning May 2, 2023. For each flight, you’ll pay $0.01 in airfare plus applicable taxes, fees, and charges at the time of booking. When you book, you can also purchase options like bags, seats, and other ancillary products for each flight to customize your travel.
  4. Fly!
  5. Repeat and book an unlimited number of flights for as long as your pass is valid. See details below.

They also have a bunch of fine print, though at least it’s in 14 point font 😉 

  • Flights will be available to book and fly starting May 2, 2023
  • Flights can be booked and confirmed the day before flight departure for domestic travel and starting 10 days before flight departure for international travel
  • Flights must be booked at flyfrontier.com
  • Flights are subject to blackout periods:
    • 2023: May 25, 26, 29; June 29, 30; July 1-5, 8, 9; August 31; September 1, 4; October 5, 6, 9; November 18, 22, 24-27; December 16, 17, 22-24, 26-31;
    • 2024: January 1, 15; February 15, 16, 19; March 3, 10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31; April 5-7, 12-14. Blackout dates for May 2024 and beyond will be posted in advance of accepting any enrollments for pass periods which cover those dates.
  • Flights do not include any add-on products (like bags or seats), you can still customize your travel
  • Taxes, fees, and charges apply at the time of booking
  • A fare of $0.01 will be charged for each segment booked
  • Flights and seats are subject to availability; last seat availability is not guaranteed
  • Travel not eligible to earn miles or status
  • Travel qualifies as activity and will extend your FRONTIER Miles expiration
  • The GoWild! Pass is non-transferable. The pass holder is the only allowed passenger to travel with GoWild! Pass privileges.
  • Your Pass will automatically renew for successive one-year terms unless you cancel
  • Your Summer Pass will automatically renew for the summer pass period terms unless you cancel
  • You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States to purchase the GoWild! Pass. The pass holder may be under the age of 18 but must be a resident of the United States. Pass holders under the age of 13 must be enrolled by their parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 15 years old must travel accompanied by a passenger who is at least 15 years old.

You can read more or get a Pass here

And to be sure, all other Frontier restrictions you are used to still apply to this pass. 

Note ass well that the prices above are for an unlisted total number of passes, after which point the price will presumably jump to $999 and $1,999 respectively – so if you are seeing that higher price when you read this, that’s what happened!


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