Air France has a sale on now that really caught my eye – if I could start off in France anyway.

$1,300 round trip on Air France or Delta in Business Class from Paris to NYC?!

There are some great deals from a variety of French cities and the USA isn’t your only option. The only catch is you must book two tickets and you must book by Feb 19th.

The sale page is here.

UPDATED: This fare is working across Delta and Air France and perhaps even on AA/BA depending on your dates. Here’s a deeplinked search on Priceline. You can click and then change your dates but the reason to use Priceline over Air France directly is that you’ll have until the end of Monday to cancel. Remember that with Priceline, when you buy on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you get until 11:29PM Eastern Time on Monday to cancel.


Beyond the US, where I found tickets from 1209 Euro ($1,309) per person round trip Paris to New York, other interesting deals also popped up, like Nice to Dubai for 1199 Euro per person round trip.

I’m writing this on my phone, which is why I’m not giving a zillion examples – but suffice it to say this is worth a look if you are in France it can start a round trip there.

If at all possible, you’ll want to route on a 777 rather than an A380, as the 777 Business Class seats are vastly superior.

The fares are not changeable or refundable and seem to book into Z class.

Again, here is a sample deeplinked search on Priceline

Be sure to use WhereToCredit to figure out where the best place to credit these miles will be. If I was booking this I’d either take 200% Delta if I was vying for status else I’d credit to Virgin Atlantic.

One more thing – you can ALSO book using a portal like the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. How’s 95,000 Chase points (if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve) per person round trip in Business AND you earn miles?!

As an aside, is there an app or something for writing WordPress posts on an iPhone? Using the mobile browser to write a post like this makes me want to claw my eyes out.

What did you book?

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