Awayz is a website that, in very short, helps you both find availability at hotels around the world and compare cash prices to points prices. It also advises on which is a better deal.

It’s been getting better regularly with updates, but since launch its killer feature has been a flexible date search for Hyatt, since Hyatt can’t do that itself.

You can see the whole year at a glance, by property, and see cash and award rates. (It’s only missing suite availability but I believe that is coming).

In my opinion (don’t kill me, John), the interface Bilt wrapped around the Awayz tech stack makes it even easier to use. And of course, it’s free.

If you’re earning Bilt points by paying rent at no cost through the Bilt Rewards credit card, then you have lot sof points to work with, but the secret is that even if you are just a Bilt member with no card (which is free), you can use the app for this.

Now, it’s not “full Awayz” and you won’t get access to features like award availability alerts plus you will be limited to 50 hotel searches a month vs 250 with the Premium paid subscription.c

If you want full access, you can get an account for $99.99 a year, however, you can get 50% off the Premium annual subscription for the first year (new users only – normally $99.99) plus a free 72-hour pass to try out Premium using my affiliate link. You’d then get $10 off in subsequent years. 

All of that said, the version built into Bilt may well be all you need! Here’s a screenshot of how it looks when you go into the travel tab, hit hotels, and hit transfer partners.

One caveat:

While the full shows Hilton as well, Bilt doesn’t since it’s not a transfer partner, the exact same way as it works with Bilt’s airline tie-in to

Anyway, nice one Bilt and Awayz!

Apply for the Bilt Mastercard and pay your rent fee-free while earning points!


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  1. I want to apply for the Bilt MC, but I did so in March and was declined (due to too many new cards in too short a time frame. I opened a Bilt Rewards account though. Now, when I attempt to re-apply the website won’t give me the application form! Frustrating! I’ve called both Bilt and Wells Fargo. No one can help! I only get pushed in a circle. Can you help me get an application?


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