Bilt Doubles Max Points You Can Earn on Rent to 100,000 / Year

If you have a Bilt Mastercard®, the only credit card that not only lets you earn points for paying your rent without any fees whatsoever (just make 5 other transactions each statement cycle), and you live in a high rent area, you are going to be thrilled by today’s news.

Previously, the amount of Bilt Rewards points you could earn from rent payments was capped at $50,000 a year. So if your rent was $7,000, you would earn 50,000 points in s year despite $86,000 a year going to rent.

Consider that in high cost of living areas like New York City, it’s *very* easy to exceed $4,166 in monthly rent, which is where the old limit capped you at. Heck, a two bedroom in Manhattan would almost invariably be well over this, now previous, limit.

The big news is that Bilt has doubled the annual limit (calendar year based) on the number of Bilt Rewards points you can earn on rent to 100,000.

Which means that now you can earn full points on rent of up to $8,333 a month.

I suppose if you had really high rent and saw that cap, you might have decided not to bother. Now, for up to 100,000 points a year from rent, you really have no excuse.

And while many point to the lack of a signup bonus, I’ll remind you that Bilt does have a signup bonus (it’s just a secret). 

You can apply for a Bilt Mastercard® here.

A reminder on Bilt earn rates and transfer partners:

Bilt Rewards Mastercard Earn Rate

  • Earn up to 1X points on rent payments without the transaction fee, up to 100,000 points each calendar year
  • 3X points on dining
  • 2X points on travel
  • 1X points on other purchases
  • Earn points for rent when you make 5 transactions that post each statement period.
  • When renting at a Bilt Alliance property, you can choose to have your rent payments automatically reported by Bilt to the three major credit bureaus each month; Experian(TM), TransUnion(TM), and Equifax(TM).

Bilt Transfer Partners

  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Aer Lingus Avios
  • Air Canada Aeroplan
  • Air France Flying Blue
  • British Airways Avios
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Iberia Avios
  • IHG Rewards
  • United Airlines MileagePlus
  • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • World of Hyatt

Rent Day

Earn double points on everything, including in bonus categories (but excluding rent) – for purchases made on the first of each month.

Apply for the Bilt Mastercard®.


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