Bilt Platinum Members Can Claim Air France Flying Blue Gold Status

Fresh in my inbox:

Starting tomorrow, February 29th, Bilt Platinum members will be able to claim Flying Blue Gold status for 12 months.

Flying Blue Gold qualifies for SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits across all SkyTeam member airlines including benefits like SkyPriority airport access and Delta SkyClub access when flying any SkyTeam airline on an international itinerary regardless of what class of service is flown.

They also provided some context around how this match will work, which is done in-app. Note that it will require a 10,000 point transfer (if you don’t need the status now, you might consider waiting to see if a transfer bonus comes down the pike again to stack offers).

How it works:

“After qualifying for Bilt Rewards Platinum status, members can go to the elite status tab in the Bilt app and select ‘Elite Status Match’.

There, members will activate the status match request with a one-click,
10,000 Bilt Point transfer.

Members will be notified by Bilt once your status request has been confirmed. This can take up to 3 business days from the request being activated. Flying Blue Gold status is good for 12 months upon
being successfully activated.

All Bilt Platinum Members are currently eligible to enroll in this status match in 2024.

To request status again, members will need to requalify for Bilt Platinum Status in 2025. Ex) If a member qualifies for Bilt Platinum in April 2024 and opts in for 12 months of status, they cannot get a second status match in May 2025 unless they have requalified for Bilt Platinum again in 2025.”

This is pretty awesome and sits on top of the transfer bonuses of 150% they have been doing for Platinum members. They clearly recognize that the new criteria they have set for Platinum status (200,000 points or $50,000 spend on a Bilt Mastercard) is much harder than the previous status requirements and in order for people to purposely shift a large volume of spend to the Bilt Mastercard, there needs to be commensurate value.

I personally have Delta Platinum through January 2025 (and am currently Platinum with Bilt), but plan to activate this late in the year to keep that SkyTeam Elite status train going.

This is also exactly the kind of thing that, along with massive transfer bonuses, has me making a plan to requalify for Platinum status for 2025.

24/7 Priority Platinum Support

They are also doing one more thing to enhance maintaining your Platinum status.

Additionally, Bilt Platinum members will have a dedicated specialist customer support team to help them 24/7.

Apply for the Bilt Mastercard and finally pay your rent on a credit card without transaction fees – while earning points!


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