At long last, we know who the new “2 free nights” partner will be for Ocean in Atlantic City where those on the Atlantic City Merry Go Round offshoot of the Status Match Merry Go Round™ have anxiously been waiting to hear.

It turns out what was old is new again….

Before the two free nights benefit switched to Resorts World in 2022, it was Wynn.

And now, once again, it’s Wynn!

But the benefits seem a bit better this time. If I recall correctly the two free nights last time came with a $50 resort credit. You could opt out of paying the resort fee but then you didn’t have wifi unless you paid for that.

This time, the Wynn benefits appear to work like a traditional Wynn full comp where the resort fee is waived but without excluding the benefits like wifi.

I say “appears” because the Ocean benefits page and the brochure contradict each other. The brochure says the same as it did in 2021 – 2 nights and $50 credit.

But on the webpage, it says: NEW: Two complimentary nights (includes room, tax and resort fees), $100 Free Play & $50 Dining Credit

I’m hopeful that the actual benefit is the latter as that would be much better 😉

HT to Renee in the MilesTalk Facebook Group.


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  1. Based on the previous engagement with Wynn, when do we think this will be bookable and what is the process? I matched in mid-May to Ocean and have a trip to Vegas coming up in mid-July, hopefully this will be live by then.


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