chase ink cards over 5/24?

There have been many reports online and via DM/PM to me of people saying they’ve been approved for the new Chase Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card bonus offer for 100,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points when you spend $8,000 in 3 months, down from the old $15,000 minimum spend requirement, while being over 5/24.

Of course, 5/24 refers to having opened 5 or more personal credit cards in the past 24 months, in which case Chase won’t approve you for most credit cards, though Chase has notably made some other exceptions to the 5/24 rule in the last year, allowing some co-branded cards to bypass is. 

We’d also previously heard of some people getting approved for the Chase Ink Business Cash® Credit Card and the Chase Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card during the last big bonus offer for 90,000 points, which has since ended. 

And don’t forget that you don’t need a traditional business to apply. Side hustle income counts as long as you know how to apply for a business credit card as a sole proprietor in the right way.

All of that said, with people reporting success at getting approved for the Ink Preferred 100,000 point bonus offer while at or over 5/24, so, if you want to give it a try, will you please be so kind as to comment as to your success or failure? 

You can either be the data point you want to see, or, well…. I guess you can wait for data points 😉 


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    • Can I ask if you have a business checking account with Chase, and if you applied as a sole prop? I am at 5/24, and I have a couple of business cards with them already, but no business account. I was not approved for the Ink Unlimited, and two of the reasons given was lack of a business deposit relationship and business structure. I’m wondering if I should try for the Ink Preferred, or if should open a business account first. Thanks!

  1. Just got approved at 7/24. Applied online and received the pending review status instantly. Called reconsideration line and was approved within a few hours.


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