Grand Hotel Victoria Concept and Spa, Lake Como

That was a mouthful of a title and it’s most of what we know at this point. 

Hilton put out a Press Release today that they are partnering with SLH (Small Luxury Hotels) to “dramatically expand Global Luxury Portfolio.”

This grows their luxury footprint (along the likes of Conrad, Waldorf Astoria and their boutique luxury brand LXR).

The question will be how they price SLH hotels and what benefits will be given as that isn’t disclosed in the press release.

If they price identically and without an increase to the 120,000 top “Standard Reward” rate, then this could be an absolutely amazing grab for Hilton, making their points far more valuable. On the flip side, if they are excluded from using credit card reward nights or price significantly higher, this could wind up to the worst of both worlds considering what has now been confirmed by Hyatt – that their partnership with SLH will wind down.

I’ve consistently gotten tremendous value using my Hyatt points for SLH stays like my top 5 ever stay at the Hotel Grand Hotel Victoria in Lake Como (glad we got that in when we did!). I’m extremely sad to see Hyatt part ways with SLH.

Here is the official word I got from a Hyatt spokesperson which I know doesn’t say very much except that it is, indeed ending:

In the coming months, we plan to integrate many Mr & Mrs Smith hotels into Hyatt channels, offering our guests and World of Hyatt members more luxury and boutique accommodations in new destinations around the globe. We will share details on this exciting integration shortly.  As our business continues to evolve and we strive to offer our guests and members new ways to explore the world, we have mutually made the decision to end our relationship with SLH in the near future. At this time, World of Hyatt members can still book participating SLH Hotels on Hyatt’s booking channels, and nothing changes as of now for existing World of Hyatt member reservations. More information on the end of this relationship will be shared with guests and members in the coming months.”

Well, it looks like you have at least some time (a month or more, likely?) to book any aspirational stays like the Lake Como hotel or Calala Island – a hotel that requires a flight to Managua, then a prop plane flight to the coast, then a 2 hour boat ride – but then you are one of I think 6 rooms at an all inclusive luxury resort.

I’ll try to be hopeful about what Hilton will do with SLH but since it was a known quantity with Hyatt, for now, I’m anxious.

I will reach out to my contact at Hilton to see if I can get any more information but my hunch is that we’ll know when we know.


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