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This deal is now dead. Readers are receiving cancelation emails

Originally posted: Mar 3, 2021 7:46pm ET

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Updated: Mar 3: 9:55pm ET

Dead: March 5th

Three notes:

1) This is *mostly* dead already, but some segments DO remain at the ridiculous fare. as of 9:55pm ET. It got shared around a lot and booked quickly. Good reminder to book now and cancel within 24 hours if you can’t / won’t go.

2) Double check each leg carefully when booking. Or even after booking while you can cancel within 24 hours. There are definitely RTs with the overwater legs in business, but there are also flights being sold in Economy. So double check!!

3) This deal is a great reason to have your browser notifications on for new posts 😉

The Cheapest Business Class to Europe I Have Ever Seen

Look, I know that travel restrictions are likely to stay in place for some time, but perhaps you would be willing to gamble on a summer trip to Europe if your all-in cost is under $250 for a round trip in Business Class?

I’m currently playing with Google Flights as I like to do “for fun” sometimes… and TAP Portugal is currently pricing Business Class Round Trips as low as $241 from various US cities to various European Cities.

The flights are sold by TAP Portugal and some include legs on other carriers like Lufthansa intra-Europe. Note there are some very long layovers in Portugal.

Book a week in August/September in Business Class from:

Chicago – Rome: $248

Chicago – Amsterdam: $251

Chicago – Vienna: $249

Chicago – Dublin: $253

New York – Rome: $248

New York – Amsterdam: $251

New York – Barcelona: $250

New York – Madrid: $250

New York – Berlin: $305

New York – Vienna: $249

New York – Milan: $249

Boston – Rome: $248

Boston – Amsterdam: $251

Miami – Barcelona: $250

San Franciso – Dublin: $253

Washington DC – Amsterdam: $251

Washington DC – Munich: $305

Washington DC – Bruges: $250

Washington DC – Brussels: $250

How to Search

Use Google Flights. Just type in your departure city and then destination “Europe” to see options!

The Planes

I flew on a new TAP A330Neo in 2019 and it was very nice (not ultra lux, but very nice).

TAP A330neo
TAP A330neo

How to Book:

Up to you! It’s working for me at TAP directly or via other OTAs like Priceline, Orbitz, or Expedia. Given how crazy cheap the fare is and if something goes wrong, I might actually recommend Priceline.

However, it’s worth noting that when I book via TAP directly (FlyTAP.com) it is applying a discount, bringing my total down to $239 if I apply just 200 TAP Miles.

Changes / Cancellations

This is the big negative. Refunds are $250. (And changes are $300!) So, basically, if you can’t go you’ll lose the ticket value unless you get an exception.  We have no idea what countries will be letting Americans in without quarantine, but if you feel like gambling that 6 months from now you’ll be able to go, this is pretty unbeatable.

You can definitely cancel within 24 hours of booking on Priceline if you get cold feet.


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