Status Match Merry Go Round

UPDATE March 14th: See section below on Wyndham Business Earner

I have some potentially REALLY bad news for Caesars Diamond lovers.Ā 

We all know by now that a key part of the MilesTalk Status Match Merry Go RoundĀ is the ability to match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond and then, when each program year ends, match back to the other program.

New Language on Caesars / Wyndham Match Page

Well, Caesars seems to have caught on (or at least decided it’s time to do something about it) as the following language has been added to their website:

Please Note: You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.Ā Ā Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.

This is obviouslyĀ terrible news for all of us on the Merry Go Round.

However, a few things remain a bit unclear.Ā 

One is if this is being enforced right now. Many people have noted the match was taking a lot longer than normal this year and some people are still waiting 5 weeks after the new Caesars year started on Feb 1st. So is this already taking place or would this be starting next year? My gut says that those who haven’t been matched yet may have gotten caught up in this. Already there is some kerfuffle about the annual Diamond Celebration Dinner (the $100 in free food offered annually when you renew Diamond at Caesars) as it was loaded into our accounts last month and is now gone. Some members have been able to use it while others are being told they don’t have the dinner because they are “matched Diamond.”

This will also mean that if Wyndham reopens the main on-ramp – status matching from other hotel chains – those matches won’t go very far here now.

Does Wyndham Business Earner Save This?

The main question, though, is for those of us with the Wyndham Business Earner credit card, which I’ve flagged as a new on-ramp to the Marry Go Round.

We have Wyndham Diamond status conferred via the card. That’s not a “matched” status, but a “granted” status, which is a small but important distinction. Hopefully, this remains a way to stay Caesars Diamond since you aren’t matching back from Caesars and then back to Caesars as the language implies. As one datapoint, I matched successfully back to Caesars Diamond this year and I do hold that card.

UPDATE March 14th: Katie Genter reports on this for The Points Guy here and was able to actually confirm this via a Caesars rep: ā€œAny customer who earned Wyndham Rewards status at Wyndham, including status and Wyndham credit card, can tier match to Caesars Rewards.ā€

Additionally, this should not impact the Hyatt / MGM Resorts partnership. Meaning that if you already have Hyatt Explorist and MGM Gold, unless somethingĀ else changes, you should still be able to match that back and forth each year in February and March.

Still, this could be bad news for many of us….

Are you still waiting for a tier match to process? If so, do you have the Wyndham Business Earner credit card? I’d like to get some datapoints here.Ā 

Thanks to MilesTalk group member Susan T for flagging this.

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  1. I hold the earner card . Checked my Caesar account today and it shows me as Diamond until
    2023. I did not see any celebration dinner as a benefit.

  2. I am an Earner Card holder since the end of January. I requested a match at the beginning of February and several times since. I am still waiting. Infuriating.

  3. I was in Las Vegas during the January to February switch. I status matched February 1 and just this week was approved for Diamond. I do not have the business earner card, but I think my Wyndham diamond status was extended because I had many stays and I think they extend it for the pandemic. Will probably get the business earner when they have another promotion, if not I will just focus on MGM

  4. I have the Wyndham business earner card and status matched feb 1 and got Caesarā€™s diamond status so I think with the card you are ok. I was planning on canceling the card after a year and doing merry go round but maybe I will keep it now for Caesarā€™s diamond status. Not sure though as without the celebratory dinner may not be worth it.

  5. I stayed at Caesars a week ago and status matched from Wyndham Diamond. I still needed to meet the 15,000 tier requirement before the perks kick in. I received no $100 dinner credit or credit of resort fees during my stay. Using the Caesars CC to meet spend requirements w/o having to gamble at high levels.

    • Were you Caesars Diamond when you stayed in Vegas? That’s not a good sign if they didn’t waive resort fee. I have a stay coming up next week at Paris, so I am hoping they at least waive the resort fee. I have Wyndham Diamond (from business card) match to Caesars Diamond.

      • If you booked the stay while a diamond you should be good with your resort fees waived. I was gold during my stay a couple weeks ago waiting to be matched and resort fees were waived automatically.

  6. I received Earner Business Card on 2/17/22.
    Was automatically upgraded to Wyndham Diamond on 2/19/22.
    Requested Caesar’s status match online on 2/19/22.
    Still waiting for the match…

  7. In a Founders Card holder and wonder if the perks will still be allowed because like the Earner card I am granted the status, it is not status matched per se.

    I do see Diamond and offers on my account. However, no celebration dinner. I did receive this dinner in January 2022 before the next round of matching started.

    • how long did it take for the Caesar status to update from Founderscard? was thinking about getting it, but all these changes aren’t great!

  8. holding a biz earner cc, but didn’t get matched til yesterday after sending a separate msg to its rewards dept about a week ago; did request an online match on feb 1 & again on feb 8

  9. I requested status match on February 23. Had Diamond for years via Wyndham Diamond. Got an acknowledgement that my status would be matched to Diamond at Caesarā€™s on the 23rd. Now 18 days later we checking into Vegas Caesarā€™s property and they said it Wyndhams issue. I told em I contacted Wyndham and they had sent the match weeks ago. Caesarā€™s assigned a low floor room overlooking a parking garage. Went and talked to Total Rewards desk and they said they will ask Tara on Monday to status match us. I had already called her multiple times over the last three weeks and they kept giving us excuses until they rolled out the retroactive elimination of the Wyndham status match yesterday. Itā€™s pretty cheesy. I Talked to the points guy writer that said the program was great back In Feb 1st and Caesarā€™s compted her husband to Diamond. I told her she should update her review but doubt they will as they get income from Caesarā€™s if the book from her link.

    This is totally shady behavior at Caesarā€™s.

  10. What does this new info mean to Hyatt Globalist matched to MGM Gold? Am I still able to take the MGM gold card to Caesarā€™s in Vegas for a match to Diamond? I am heading to Vegas tomorrow so I would appreciate any direction on matching in Vegas, S. Florida, Tampa and AC that is still available to a newbie like me?

    • As of now I see no impact if you are already EITHER MGM Gold or Hyatt Explorist and you can match those back and forth still (for now). As for your situation, if you don’t already have a Caesars card then yes, you can definitely match in person at Caesars right now.


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