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I know the Status Match Merry Go Round is a “hot topic.” Anecdotally, more people have joined the MilesTalk Facebook group looking for advice on it that anything else over the last couple of years.

Last month, MGM opened up their status match program through December 31st. This generated a lot of buzz, but for many, one issue remained.

Wyndham Paused Status Matches

The primary on-ramp to the Merry Go Round is via Wyndham Diamond status. This can be matched (online!) to Caesars Rewards and, until Dec 31, to MGM Mlife Gold which then also matched to Hyatt Explorist.

The general strategy is to get a different hotel status that can be matched to Wyndham Diamond. But since April, Wyndham has had the status match program on pause. That’s left many MilesTalk readers out in the cold, pining for an on-ramp.

A New On-Ramp to the Status Match Merry Go Round

Wyndham launched three new credit cards recently, in partnership with Barclays. One of them, the Wyndham Earner Business card, confers Diamond status with Wyndham on you for the $95 annual fee.  barclays earner business

And while that’s not “free,” it comes with a 45,000 point signup bonus. Wyndham points are generally regarded to be worth about 0.6 cents (remember, Go Free properties are 7,500, 15,000 or 30,000 points a night), but if the Wyndham footprint works for you, this bonus is worth about $270, more than covering that annual fee.

What’s more, if you choose to keep the card, you’ll get 15,000 b onus points worth $90 each year you pay the $95 fee. So, again, if you stay at Wyndham, it’s essentially a no-fee card (though with a fee!). Plus, if you have a business, that fee is deductible, so it’s a net win.

Wyndham Earner Business Card Details

The card also offers some decent earning rates for business spend. That’s about a 5% yield (4.8% to be exact) on gas and 3% on marketing and advertising. Now, I’d spend that first on my Chase Ink Preferred to earn 3X Ultimate Rewards which are worth more than 3 times a Wyndham point, but you may hit the $150,000 annual spend limit. After that I’d put the spend on an Amex Business Gold card for 4X up to $150,000. But I have inquiries all the time from people spending 7 figures on online ads. This could be a nice supplement (again, if you stay at Wyndham).   And then 5X on utilities is a very nice and uncommon bonus category.

wyndham business card earn rates

Bonus Category Definitions:

Qualifying marketing and advertising service purchases include but are not limited to purchases from Google Ad Words, Facebook, and other digital advertising platforms; merchants that prepare and place advertising in various media (newspapers, radio, television); coupon and/or sample distribution; and other marketing and advertising purchases as identified by the merchant category codes. Qualifying utility purchases are defined as telecommunications services, cable, satellite, electric, gas, heating oil and water, as identified by the merchant category code.

Last but not least: You’ll get a 10% rebate off of Go Free award nights. That’s a savings of 750 – 3,000 points per night. Not bad.

Wyndham Rewards Limitations

Your Wyndham points will expire after 18 months with no activity or after 4 years from the date earned even if you have activity. That second bit is a huge thorn in the side of the Wyndham Rewards program.

You can transfer up to 30,000 points a year to Caesars Rewards (and even transfer back) but past that yearly limit, you’ll have to burn them somehow. And, as I’ve alluded to three times, the Wyndham footprint doesn’t work for everyone (I’m not personally a fan).


If you qualify for a business credit card (and, as a business card this won’t affect your 5/24) and have been looking for a way onto the Status Match Merry Go Round, this may be a nice alternative method unless you are content waiting for Wyndham to reopen status matches.

Note: I have no affiliate relationship with this credit card.


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  1. I’ve been matching from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond for several years. Last month I got the Wyndham Business Earner card and tried to match online. Nothing happened and I was still only Gold at Caesars. When I called Caesars they said I’d have to come to a casino if I wanted to match. I got to Caesars in Atlantic City today, and the Rewards desk refused to match my status, saying that they only match every other year.

    • The casino is not where you are meant to match. You need to do the match again online. Reach out to Caesars via Twitter if it doesn’t get processed emphasizing you have the Business Earner Credit Card.

  2. Trying to find an answer for the following question. I got the Wyndham earner card and status matched to Caesar Diamond, but Caesar is saying that I need to learn 100 Tier credit before I can access my $100 dining credit. Is this the new requirement or was the rep misinformed? I’ve been matched to Diamond for about 2 weeks now when I called in and checked. Thanks

    • There is no clear answer. Many with the WBE card receive it each year with no tier credits. Some do not. You just have to go to a dining outlet and have them swipe to check for the offer.


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