Status Match Merry Go Round

Round and round it goes…. (although possibly with some changes – I’ll discuss in this post)

Today on the Status Match Merry Go Round™, we have two moves to make.

Step One: Wyndham to Caesars

First, your Caesars Diamond was not extended.

So, since you made sure your Wyndham was still Diamond in January, this is no problem – as long as you have a Wyndham Business Earner credit card which confers “earned” Wyndham Diamond status.

Now, head to this page and match back from your Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond. Hit that button on the right as indicated below.

wyndham to caesars match

That’s all there. Give it a week or two to update.

Step Two: Hyatt to MGM

If you are like me, your MGM Gold went down to Pearl today. That just won’t do 😉

So head to this page at Hyatt and click “Learn More” as indicated below.

hyatt mgm status match

Then, on the next page, click Opt-In and then login to your MGM Rewards account.

hyatt to mgm match

Tip: The MGM match should be instant. If it hasn’t updated in a couple of hours, do the exact match again. You will be Gold the second time based on several group mods, members (and my own) experiences.

The Merry Go Round Flow Chart Will Need Updating

Given that you can no longer match anything to MGM Gold, this flowchart falls apart unless you already have MGM Gold OR the “rematch” still works. I’ll keep an eye on it. But we know you can no longer match Caesars Diamond to MGM Gold.

2022 Status Match Merry Go Round Flowchart

Wording Change on Hyatt Page

This is *most likely* a nothing burger, but late last year, Hyatt changed the wording on their page to say earned status, rather than just Status.

Check out the difference via the Wayback Machine from May to October 2022, but note they also redesigned the page, so the word change could be coincidence.


mgm hyatt wording change earned


Now – I have “earned” Hyatt Globalist status. By all accounts I should be matched back sometime soon. But I’m very curious about those that are Hyatt Explorist via the Merry Go Round and didn’t stay / earn 30 nights.

Would you please post your successes / failures below?

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  1. Hey Dave thanks for all the great tips. Followed all these steps to match back to Gold and Diamond.

    Still got my Ocean Prime, Hard Rock Royalty, and LIVE! Black cards.

    I have a friend that was fortunate enough to get Noir at MGM from a host years ago without the subsequent play . She was assigned a new host last year so we were curious what would happen today but so far she’s still Noir.

  2. Hyatt Explorist to MGM Gold – instant this time. Did it earlier today and it wasn’t instant – was expecting to wait up to 24 hours, but did it again just now. Used a different browser…maybe it was a cookie issue.

    Wyndham -> Caesars done, but waiting.

      • I got Caesars Diamond via MGM match just as the pandemic shut down LV. I went back to try and get a match to Diamond again last month, on my first trip back to LV in three years and they wouldn’t match. “One time only for matches from MGM” is what I was told.

  3. I thought Caesar’s changed their rules that you can only match via earned status from Wyndham. Either way, still waiting! Fingers crossed

  4. Was able to match Wyndham status to Caesars again this year and now have Caesars Diamond. Applied 2/1 and changed back to Diamond 2/4. I do not have Wyndham CC so not an earned status. So curious to see if I still get the 100 dining at Casesars.

  5. I have Hyatt Explorist (not earned, matched from AA promo)…I tried on my own to match MGM Gold (googled the link) and it did not work. I came to this page and followed these links and it matched instantly. Thank you!


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