transfer bonus

April brings two three new transfer bonuses:

  • Amex –> Hilton
  • Chase –> Air France Flying Blue
  • Added April 12th All US programs –> Avianca Lifemiles

I also left the Chase –> Marriott Bonvoy in the table below as it’s ongoing.

Remember you can always find all Transfer Bonuses – past and present – here.


Added April 12th


There is also apparently a highly targeted Amex –> Emirates transfer bonus (100% bonus), but I cannot find anyone with it nor the expiration date, so comment below if you have it!


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  1. What do you mean by saying from 2023 and beyond Marriott’s program will be all revenue based? Do you mean points no longer accepted? Confused.

    • I could have worded it better – but it refers to the fact that they are (more and more, not all at once) tying the cost in points to the cash price, making it harder to get outsized redemption value.


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