chase ink 90,000 point bonus

On the same day that we were able to call an end date on the 90,000 point bonus offers for the Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card and the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card – which is January 18th by 9am ET, people started rushing to generate Refer a Friend links.

Unfortunately, they found that their links are generating offers that are only for 75,000 bonus points instead of 90,000. Then for a brief period it seemed like all was well if you’d generated a link before yesterday. Nope – those morphed into the 75,000 point offers as well. 

At least 3 people have already asked me “If I refer with the 75,000 link, can the person I refer get matched to the 90,000 point offer?”

think the answer will prove to be no. 

I can anecdotally tell you that when the offer in-branch on the CSP was 10,000 points more than online, I had my P2 apply online anyway because I was sure they would just match her and save us the trip to a branch. She got denied three different times for the match but one of those calls involved a rep promising it to her – and that eventually helped us get the points several months and many phone calls later. It was a huge hassle and it could have easily ended with no extra 10,000 points. 

The most common match that tends to be (but isn’t always) successful is when you apply for an offer and then Chase releases a new, higher offer across channels. You couldn’t have seen it coming and they try to keep you happy.

But in the case where they ended an offer (after like 6 months!) in one channel but are still offering it in another channel (affiliate), I do not think they will match. At the very least, it wouldn’t be wise to assume they will.

Now, if you are in 2 player mode and still want to get an Ink Unlimited or Ink Cash, 75,000 + 40,000 = 115,000 points. It’s still better than applying outright for 90,000 with no referral. But it sure stings compared to yesterday when you’d have gotten 15,000 more points.

If you are not working in two player mode, then the affiliate offer (like we have at MilesTalk) is still your best way to get 90,000 points (when you spend $6,000 within 3 months) and you should be darn sure to grab that no later than January 17th (with the offer slated to end January 18th by 9am ET). 

So if that is you, I’d be honored if you chose to support MilesTalk with your click:


  1. I’ve gotten Chase to match the 90K SUB multiple times last year weeks after the bonus ended. In-Branch offers no but I’ve seen many DPs of them matching public offers for myself and others

  2. This is a total different story, than you had with sapphire, if they offer a offer only in branch but its not a public offer, it makes a lot of sense they wouldn’t match it, but the 90k ink offer is now not only available via affilates, its available in chase website too, so its hard to beleive they wouldn’t match the public offer.


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