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If you’re involved in the Status Match Merry Go Round, one of the biggest developments in the last year was the Tier Match program at Ocean Casino Resort that offered two free nights at Wynn in Las Vegas and a free cruise on MSC. (Read the Merry Go Round page for details on how that match works as you do need Hard Rock Rock Royalty to do it).

I discovered this last year at the end of August and I think it’s safe to say hundreds if not thousands of MilesTalkers did the match since then.

In the last few months I got many questions about timing. Since the program year ended June 2022, we had no idea if if would continue for the 2022-2023 program year. My status granted in September, for instance, expired yesterday. People wanted to know if they should match in June, for example, and I had no idea if the match would only be valid for a month or 13 months.

Happily, a reader already wrote in today and it’s good news. Reader Jake C. let me know that he matched yesterday and picked up his card today. His Prime card is good through next June 30th.

He also sent me all the collateral and it’s identical to last year. You can do the match if you are a new player at Ocean or if you have been inactive for 12 months.

So it’s important to note that if you matched November 15th, 2021, you both have to wait until November 16, 2022 and must not have played at Ocean the entire year. If you stopped in to gamble even once, you have to wait 12 months from that date.

Since I matched August 31st, I plan to go in early September or October to re-match. That will give me time to use the two free nights at Wynn Las Vegas in both 2022 and 2023. I’ll probably only take one cruise….

Here are all the flyers Jake collected for us:

ocean tier match free wynn free cruise

ocean tier match free wynn free cruise

ocean tier match free wynn free cruise

ocean tier match free wynn free cruise

ocean tier match free wynn free cruise

As I mentioned, the collateral all looks identical to last year so if you did this last year, you should be able to do it again 366 days from your last visit to Ocean and the benefits will be the same.

Again, first re-read the Tier Match program at Ocean Casino Resort and then the details on getting Two Free Nights Wynn in Las Vegas and a free cruise on MSC.

You also get a free two night stay at Ocean with your match, valid Sunday – Friday, but you have to call to book and can’t use it until 72 hours after the upgrade.

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  1. Ugh! I just did these matches in May 2022 so does this mean I can’t use the Wynn benefit that I earned at the time as a first time matcher?

      • yeah, I logged into my account last night and saw I was downgraded to lowest tier after only having my match for 6 weeks. Booo! They should have given me at least a year to enjoy my benefits. 🙁 I may try calling them to see if I can convince them to renew me.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Is it better if we don’t gamble at all at Ocean if we are Prime status already? My wife took adv of this match ~10 days ago but we actually are planning to go back in Sept to give them good play since it actually has the BEST bj rules apparently of any A/C casino….. but if we don’t earn and play up to legitimate Prime status, will we be automatically demoted next July, 2023? Just wondering if this gambling will affect our ability to get tier matched again and do the whole merry go round deal next year if we don’t play and earn to the level of prime!
    Thanks in advance.

  3. So the unfortunate rule is they won’t rematch active players. They define that as played in the last 365 days. So you either have to play up to Prime status and enjoy the benefits OR basically avoid Ocean for the next year.

    If I’m you, I use the two night comp in September, have a blast, and then know your rematch next year won’t be until September.

  4. Sorry if I missed it, but have you confirmed if you can use the 2 Wynn nights and the cruise in both calendar years (once in 2022 and once in 2023 before June 30)?

    Because that might just make the trek to AC worth it from the West Coast.

  5. Hi Dave! Any idea on whether or not the Encore/Wynn will have any issue letting me check in on P2’s 2-night stay without her being there yet? Thanks again for all of this info!


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