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If you are unable to use the traditional method for two years of Companion Pass because you don’t qualify for a business card (or prefer not to), then this is your last chance to get the current offer for Companion Pass through February 2025 (plus 30,000 Rapid Rewards points as a kicker!) with just one personal Southwest credit card bonus offer:

You simply need to be approved for a personal Southwest credit card and spend $4,000 within 3 months. This offer comes up yearly and tends to last around a month.

Remember that with Companion Pass, you can bring a travel companion of your choice on as many flights as you’d like through February 28, 2025 (excludes taxes and fees from $5.60 one-way).

And remember that as of December 2021, Chase no longer seems to apply the 5/24 rule to Southwest credit cards!! (Unofficially – YMMW)

As I mentioned at the start, if you are trying to follow the technique to get the Southwest Companion Pass for nearly two full years, this changes things a bit and you may even want to wait until this offer ends to apply – or not. Let’s dissect it. 

With a Southwest® Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card you’ll still get 80,000 Rapid Rewards points (Companion Pass eligible) with $5,000 in spend in 3 months, but now you’ll only get 30,000 points on the personal card.

Accounting for minimum spends, you’ll have 119,000 Companion Pass qualifying points. You need 135,000 and you get 10,000 complimentary by having any Southwest credit card

So, you’d still need to earn 6,000 more points to earn the Companion Pass through Dec 2025 following the two-card strategy outlined in the guide.

If you fly SW, use their shopping portal, use their dining portal, getting 6,000 more points may be simple – and you’d have all of this year to do it. In that case you’ll get your Companion Pass sooner now and still have it through the end of 2025. This complimentary pass does not supersede the normal earning of it.

You can also just wait until this special bonus offer ends and use the standard route.

So, do you plan to go for the easy one year, still try for two years, or sit this one out? 

You can learn more about each card and how to apply for this offer at these links:


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