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As posted by Miles to Memories, the Founders Card partnership with Caesars that gave Founders Club members Diamond status has ended.

It wasn’t a route we talked about very often since it’s SO much more cost effective to get it via the $95 annual fee Wyndham Business Earner credit card. Yet, certain people couldn’t qualify for the Business Earner card for one reason or another, and FC provided a backup, albeit at a lofty price of several hundred dollars a year.

While Founders Card offers tons of promo / intro offers, those never included the Caesars Diamond and it’s also long been “known” that Founders Card didn’t want people getting the card just for the Caesars benefit. I’m honestly not too surprised Caesars finally decided it wasn’t the right customer for them and I don’t write about Founders Card as it’s just not a product I can endorse.

That said, Miles to Memories also alluded that the Wyndham Business Earner route could be closed as well as people had not been seeing their matches yet in the just over two weeks since it became possible to match for the 2024 program year (to be clear they did not state as fact, they simply said it was something that was possible anecdotally.

I reached out earlier to my Barclays contact on the Earner team to confirm this wasn’t being discontinued, but have not heard back yet as of press time.

That said, my own personal match via the Wyndham Business Earner card hit today as did many MilesTalkers Diamond status – so I think this was just the standard course of time. It never goes quickly this time of year as they are so inundated with the match requests.

I think we are good for now.


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  1. As I continue to wait for my Diamond status match, I learned I had 67K reward points set to expire in a couple of days, and subsequently used them to book a room at Nobu this June,

    Does anybody know would happen to the (now expired) points I used to book Nubu if i cancel or edit my itinerary? Also, assuming my Diamond match goes through, would I get credited for the resort fees I’m was charged being a Gold member?

  2. don’t remember when i submitted, but it was at least a couple weeks ago, if not longer…but my Wyndham Diamond -> Caesars went through now.

    not too interested now, as I have no plans for Vegas this year and hardly ever again (done with vegas…so done nor do I visit other caesars destinations per se) …but some of those other matches….we’ll see.

  3. I have Wyndham Diamond Status via the Wyndham Business Earner card, but my Caesars match has not been approved after waiting 3 weeks. Today via online Chat with Cheryl K. at Wyndham, she told me
    “Your account is not eligible to Status Match to Caesars as your level with Wyndham Rewards was attained via the Mastercard Status Match program. To be eligible you have to have 40 qualified nights in Wyndham Rewards in the year in order to match.”


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