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February is the time on the Status Match Merry Go Round™ where you take your Wyndham Diamond status and match it back to Caesars Diamond. 

You used to be able to match back and forth easily each year (hence the Merry Go Round), but last year Caesars added new terms (several days after February 1st) to disallow “matching back and forth. In fact they went so far as to take Diamond members that had matched and downgraded them to Gold. Then they took so much heat for changing the rules mid-stream (I actually wondered if the Nevada Gaming Commission got involved) that they relented, moved those Golds back to Diamond, and basically postponed it all until this year. 

caesars diamond match 2023

Officially, now you can only match back if you a) earn Wyndham Diamond organically, b) have the Wyndham Business Earner credit card ($95 annual fee and 15,000 bonus points each anniversary year to offset that) or c) Founders Card (I’m not a fan). These are all considered :”earned statuses” and qualify.

However, things are not going as expected. 

  • Many people that fit the above criteria, myself included, matched on Feb 1st and still haven’t gotten upgraded to Diamond despite a stated timeframe of 7-10 days. This obviously isn’t great if you have a Caesars reservation in February and don’t know if they will properly adjust your status in time to get your resort fees waived.
  • There are many reports of people that are only Wyndham Diamond via matching back from Caesars last year (the practice that Caesars officially stopped) getting upgraded to Diamond. 
  • There are also several people that reported to me that they simply never got downgraded and their status reflects a February 2024 expiration. 

So, nobody really seems to understand what is happening – if they are changing anything again or if this is just sloppy work at Caesars. 

Please let me know in the comments what your current experience is….


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  1. I was magically upgraded again to Diamond in mid-Feb without a clue why! I only had earned 1500 tier points in February. I have atatus matched mgm gold from being Hyatt globalist. However I was only Wyndham blue & without the business earner card.
    I truly was gonna open that card to keep my Caesers Diamond. I quickly matched my Wyndham to reflect Diamond just in case someone is checking it all out.

    • Same here. I was downgraded to gold or pearl and was contemplating getting the Wyndham Business earners card to re-match but I checked today and I’m diamond again. Then I thought let’s see if I can match that back to Wyndham Diamond and it worked! Merry go round back in full swing I guess.

  2. finally upgraded to Diamond, from a request on Feb.1st. Noticed that the status in the upper right still said Gold, but when I looked at my profile – Diamond. Logged out and re logged back in – then it looked right. Must have taken place in the last couple of days or today at most. So about 2 weeks – like they originally said or what not. [Though u write 7-10 days. business days?]

    I sent an email several days ago, not sure if that made a difference.

    I am Wyndham Diamond by c/c.

  3. Something is definitely goofy. I did nothing to rematch this year but both the app and the web site ‘my account’ page still shows me as Diamond thru 1/2024 but next to my name in the upper right corner of the web site it says ‘Gold Status’. ??????

    • Hmmmm… did the logout/login process as mentioned by Whocares above and now the gold status next to my name says Diamond like everywhere else. Bizarre. I’m not complaining if it stays that way 😀

  4. I just got Caesars Diamond status after the Wyndham rematch (took 3 weeks), but I don’t see the $100 celebration credit.

    Still seem to be getting resort fees off, which is nice.


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