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If you don’t know what Fluz is, I have a full explanation / mini-guide here.

They regularly host buying parties where you can opt-in, commit to participating, and then – if a minimum is met – the party happens.

You’ll want to RSVP now – before you forget – and make a calendar reminder for the 6th.

On April 6th, Delta will be the merchant. If you use a credit card, it will code as “airline” (not Delta) and you’ll get 7% off (which if you use a 3X card for, it’s better than 10% total) while if you use a bank account you get a flat 10% off.

The minimum purchase is $500 – but there is no maximum.

So you can take care of as much Delta travel as you need with this discount.

If you don’t already have a Fluz account, set one up here. If it asks for a referral code, you can use MILESTALK.

If you have any questions, you can ask me – or ask Tim in the Facebook group who is obsessed with Fluz parties 😉 

Bt the way, on April 18th, there will be an Uber Fluz party where you can get up to 18% back!


I got "in the game" in 2003 and since then I've collected literally millions and millions of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. I've flown around the world in first class seats that would cost $29,000 using frequent flyer miles and a few bucks in tax. And I've stayed in some of the finest hotels - all for free! A few years ago I realized many of my friends actually thought I was paying for these!! So I started sharing my tips. It's long been a passion, but when I hosted a session on Miles and Points at the South by Southwest festival, my love of the game intensified and this blog was born.


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