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Citi Double Cash

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (meaning that people keep asking me!) about the new ability to transfer your earnings from the Citi® Double Cash credit card over to Citi ThankYou points.

Note that you no longer have to actually “transfer” anything. You now earn these as ThankYou points to begin with. You can redeem for cash back or, if you have a Citi Premier® or Citi Prestige, you can utilize Citi ThankYou transfer partners.

If I have the Citi Double Cash® credit card now, of if I get it, are those points now ThankYou Points?

Yes! Meaning you can earn 2 ThankYou points per dollar for purchases not in any bonus category. But having the Citi Double Cash card alone will not get you much for those ThankYou points. Namely, you would only be able to convert to gift cards and the like, which you should never do, or convert to JetBlue with a paltry 0.8 True Blue for 1 ThankYou point ratio.

How do I unlock transfers to ThankYou partner airlines from my Citi Double Cash® card?

You need to carry a Citi Premier®, (no longer available) Citi Prestige, or (no longer available) Citi Chairman credit card. Assuming you have one of these cards, converted points can be transferred anywhere that your Prestige/Premier/Chairman-earned ThankYou points can at a rate of 1:1.

If I also have the Citi Rewards+, will I also get the 10% rebate on spent ThankYou points once redeemed?

Yes. Generally, you get the benefits of all cards linked together in your ThankYou account.

If I also have the Citi Premier, will I also get the ability to redeem via the portal at a rate of 1.25 cents per ThankYou point?

Not anymore. This benefit was removed and you will get 1 cent per point redeeming in the travel portal regardless.

Will the Citi Double Cash become another linked ThankYou account in my profile?

It should! That is what you want. There’s no reason to keep your ThankYou accounts separate as that will only create confusion. Refer to this article on how to link your Double Cash account to your ThankYou account.

Where can I transfer my Citi Double Cash points?
You can still simply redeem for cash back. This keeps it a simple 2% cash back credit card. Else you can, with only this card, transfer to JetBlue at a rate of 0.8 JetBlue TrueBlue points per $1 in cash back earned. 

But if you also hold a Citi Premier or Citi Prestige card (or a legacy Chairman card), you will be able to transfer to all available Citi ThankYou transfer partners.

These currently include:

Citi ThankYou Transfer PartnersLast updated: May 2023
Transfer RatioApproximate Transfer Time *
AeroMexico1:1Generally instant
Air France Flying Blue1:1Instant
Avianca LifeMiles1:1Instant.
Cathay Pacific AsiaMiles 1:1Instant
Etihad Guest1:1Instant
Eva Air1:1~1-3 days
JetBlue TrueBlue 1:1Instant
Qantas1:1Instant to 1 day
Qatar Privilege Club1:1~2 days
Singapore Airlines1:1~1-2 days
Thai Orchid Plus1:1~3-7 days
Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles1:11-2 days
Virgin Atlantic1:1Instant to 2 days
Choice Hotels1:2 (Citi Prestige / Premier / Chairman cards)

1:1.5 (No fee Citi ThankYou cards)
Wyndham Rewards1:1 (Citi Prestige / Premier / Chairman cards)

1:0.8 (No fee Citi ThankYou cards)
Accor Live Limitless1:0.5TBD
At what rate can I transfer my ThankYou Points to airlines?

If you hold only the Double Cash card, it’s 0.8 JetBlue True Blue for 1 Citi Double Cash point. You would have no other airline transfer options.

Assuming you hold a Citi Premier or Prestige, the transfer rate is 1:1 to all partners.

Can I transfer my Citi Double Cash points to someone else?

Yes. They will expire in 60 days once transferred.

When do Double Cash “points” expire?

They won’t expire as long as you are using your card.

Remember that closing Citi cards can affect the expiration dates for the points earned on the closed card(s), however. In that case points expire in 60 days.

Does this create a Citi Trifecta?

It sure does. Maybe even a quadfecta. Read more about making a Citi Trifecta or Quadfecta here.

Do you have any other questions? Let me know below and I’ll add to the FAQ.

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    • Are we talking from ONLY a DC? We’d need someone with a DC and no other cards to see. But when I initially converted from DC to points, that wasn’t an option.

      Sure, once you combine to your general pool they are (likely) transferable.


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