citibusiness thankyou card changes

For those of you that don’t know, the secret CitiBusiness ThankYou card that just got a makeover and won’t be so secret is not currently available in-branch. 

I’m posting this specifically because in the last post on the topic, when they announced the revamp of bonus categories – 3x on eligible travel, office supply store purchases and professional services, year round – instead of the old quarterly categories, we were told you’d be able to apply online as opposed to only in-branch  – as it’s been since as long as the card has existed.

Sidebar: They did upgrade online card management from a pretty ancient legacy system to their modern one, so that’s a great upgrade.

Well, the other day a reader said they tried to apply in branch and weren’t able to. I thought that was likely a banker that just didn’t know their way around the system, so I stopped by my local friendly branch today and asked them to check the current bonus offer for me.

Sure enough, they could not access the card to initiate an application. They could only see the Costco Business card and the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard®.

So, if you are waiting to apply for this card – stay tuned. I’ll post when I know it is available again and if it’s still only in-branch or online as well. Given that they just revamped the card I have to assume it will be back shortly.


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    • It wouldn’t make any sense for them to do a big splashy refresh of the card with new bonus categories, new cards and new card numbers sent to everyone, and a new card management website (this all occurred this month) if they were discontinuing it.

      I mean anything is possible but that would be nuts.


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