When I was in college a million years ago, the Turning Stone Casino near Syracuse was *the casino* in NY State. Can’t say I spent a ton of time there, but it remains an oddity in that you can gamble when you are 18 +, not 21 as in most jurisdictions.

Anyway, fans of the MilesTalk Status Match Merry Go Round know I love a good match and Caesars just sent me an email that you can now do reciprocal matched with Turning Stone.

I think this may be of very limited use, though.

First, I can’t even tell what benefits you get at Turning Stone at various tiers. If you know, please share!

Second, this won’t quite fit the Merry Go Round because it’s a one time match. The fine print states:

Guests who receive a tier match to Ruby, Onyx, or Sapphire VIP card status will remain at that level for the duration of the six month program period, which renews on March 1st and September 1st. After the renewal period, card level will be determined by the level of Turning Stone play. Certain card level benefits, including complimentary hotel rooms and VIP lounge access will be subject to availability and qualifying Turning Stone casino play.

You’ll also note it states that certain offers won’t be eligible until you meet certain play levels, sort of like the Caesar’s Bluewater Dubai offer that isn’t triggered by a match.

If you are interested, here’s what matches to what.

You can get more details and do the match here.

You can also exchange reward credits between the two programs. 2,000 Caesars gets you 1,000 TS and 2,000 TS gets you 1,000 Caesars. Seems like a bad deal to me – you lose half coming AND going!

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