pcean prime 2023-2024 benefits and tier match

When I posted the April/May specific version of the Las Vegas Status Match Merry Go Round™ last week, I realized that I never made a super simple Atlantic City only guide for 2024. 

To be clear, the Master Status Match Merry Go Round™ has had everything below, but that master post is so full of things that keep changing, I wanted to put this specific MGR version in an easier to follow format.

Atlantic City Status Match Merry Go Round™ – 2024 Edition

Step 1: Caesars Diamond

Like the Las Vegas Status Match Merry Go Round™, it still starts with the Wyndham Business Earner credit card, from which you’ll get Wyndham Diamond status which matches to Caesars Diamond (using this page – right-most red button).

You’ll need to pick up your card. You can do that at any Caesars location (Caesars, Harrah’s or Tropicana) in Atlantic City if you don’t already have it. 

Parking is paid on exit so once you have your Caesars Diamond card in hand you are all set even though parking may be listed as $20 or more. 

I chose to pick mine up at Caesars Palace for one simple reason: it’s directly next door (and even connected) to Ballys.

Step 1a: Bally’s (OPTIONAL)

I list Bally’s, which currently offers a status match program, for two reasons. One is that a handful of Merry Go Rounders have been turned down at Hard Rock with a Caesars Diamond card due to desk agent confusion over the rules. To be clear, I have verified that plain old Caesars Diamond is valid for the match, but the way they wrote their brochure confuses some agents as it says “Diamond (Elite/Plus)” which means all three but some untrained agents think is only Elite and Plus.

Caesars Diamond also matches to Bally’s Superstar which is very clearly listed as matching to Hard Rock ICON.

If that is the only reason, you could of course skip it unless you have problems at Hard Rock which you’ll only have if unlucky.

However, you also can get two additional goodies matching to Bally’s 

  • If you bring a physical / printed offer postcard type thing from another casino with an offer for free play, they will load that onto your account. You have to have the physical mailer, not a screenshot / anything online so it’s good to know in advance. I could have at least gotten $40 if I’d known in advance. 
  • If you are there on a weekend (I believe Fri/Sat/Sun) you’ll get a free pass for two to their VIP lounge for some food and drinks. It’s closed other days. I’m not saying it’s an amazing lounge or a reason to go to Atlantic City, but it’s an extra perk 😉 

Step 2: Hard Rock

Drive down to Hard Rock but don’t self park here. Instead use the valet. That is because when you enter self parking at HR, you pay upfront and you don’t have your ICON card for free parking yet. But you pay the valet on the way out and then you’ll have your ICON card which includes free valet.

As I mentioned in Step 1, your Caesars Diamond card is a valid match to Hard Rock ICON even if you’ve had a card before. If you get denied, you may want to politely ask them to check with another agent – or go get the Bally’s Superstar card. Or just go back later. 

At Hard Rock, you’ll get:

First time members:

  • Two complimentary nights, valid any day of the week
  • $50 Bonus Free Play

Ongoing benefits:

Lounge access for a $10pp fee (in comp dollars), free self or valet parking, priority line at buffet. Priority check-in lane (this is actually a huge time saver if staying) and 12pm check out. Possibly a room upgrade by request if they are low occupancy. Free car wash once per month at Rocktane. 

NOTE: As of the date on this article, Hard Rock Atlantic City is the ONLY Hard Rock casino that will ‘rematch” you even if you’ve had ICON before. You won’t get any of the benefits you got the first time, but you’ll get that nice bright yellow ICON card.

Your ICON card will expire Feb 28, 2025

Step 3: Ocean Casino

Walk out the back door of Hard Rock onto the boardwalk and turn left. It’s a 5 minute walk so for most people, there is really no reason to drive next door).

If you are a new member at Ocean OR have been inactive for 18 months (this means NO on-property activity whatsoever) you are eligible to match to Ocean Prime.

First time Ocean members get 2 free nights Sun-Fri. Inactive re-matchers do not get that.

But all matchers will get a free lounge pass for the Avila Lounge (which has moved upstairs and can have a long wait to get in), a priority self-parking tag, and a t-shirt.

Beyond that, you will get two free nights at Resorts World Las Vegas (Hilton or Conrad only) and that comes with a $100 food credit and $100 free play. It’s valid most days there is availability. 

You’ll also get the famous MSC Cruise. I go into that free MSC cruise in detail here. It’s a totally free 10 day Oceanview room anywhere they sail except China. Not bad at all – just know they are not a very high end line.

pcean prime 2023-2024 benefits and tier match

Note that when I matched this time, I got a warning that if I do come into the casino and use my card anywhere, they want to see some play else they may lock the card. I’m not sure what to make of that except that I think they are on to the Status Matchers but don’t really want to change their match rules. I have no doubt if you are going in, using offers, and leaving that they will indeed lock the card. 

Your Prime card will expire June 30, 2025.

NOTE: If you match from March to June of 2024, you will have your status automatically extended to June 30, 2025, but your card will say 2024 unless you go pick up a new card after July 1st.

You DO NOT need that new card for the cruise or nights as your status is transmitted by Ocean. You will not be asked for your Ocean Prime card. 

Step 4: Borgata / MGM (Only until June 30, 2024) 

You can reacquire MGM Gold status if you’d like using the Hard Rock ICON card. Note that it will only be valid for 3 months and is now a challenge for the rest of the year (see: MGM Status Match Challenge). 

Keep in mind that there is no longer any reciprocal hotel benefits with Hyatt anymore as that partnership ended. And MGM Gold does not get you much of anything in the new MGM / Marriott Bonvoy partnership. It’s worthwhile if you actually go to MGM casinos for priority check-in, free parking, and waived resort fees plus your Comp Dollars won’t expire while you are Gold.

Also, remember you can share this MGM status with someone at your home address – but you need to go to any MGM casino that is NOT Borgata to do this as it violates New Jersey law.

I think that covers the Atlantic City matches! Hope this made it nice and easy for you. If it did, give it a share 🙂

Remember, MilesTalk is the originator of the entire “Status Match Merry Go Round™” – since 2018!

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  1. Any data points on sharing MGM Gold status with family member when it’s just the 90 day challenge? Would theirs just expire at the same time?

  2. So if I go to Ocean and do the match but don’t use my card at all then do you think I’m at risk of them locking it? I won’t have much time the day I do my matching so plan to get in and out asap.

  3. Matched all your casino yesterday and no issues with the matches. Question, for the msc cruise, do I have to wait until after July 1 to get a sail date in January 2025?

  4. Good to know I should make it just in time for MGM matching. A shame I used my Ocean card last July so I am within 18 months. Unity and MGM are the ones I would grab, Maybe Ballys.

  5. Is anyone aware if the Hard Rock “Two complimentary nights” are only for AC or can they be used for a comped stay at Hard Rock in Hollywood FL?

  6. How soon after matching at Hard Rock (first time matcher) can I book the 2 complimentary nights? Say if I match on Monday, can I book immediately for Monday night or Tuesday? Can I split the 2 complimentary night into non-consecutive days? What’s the deadline to use the complimentary nights? Within the same calendar year? Or 90 days? TIA!

  7. I matched last April and will be heading back to AC mostly to pick up an updated Oceans card and re-match to Hard Rock. If I never used my Oceans free rooms, would they still be available to me even though I’m outside of my original year? I can’t find any information on how to utilize that. And also, will using those comp rooms somehow ruin my 18 month re-match?

  8. Thank you so much! Been following your tier match Merry-Go-Rounds for several years now! I was bummed that Ocean requires 18 months inactivity, so I don’t qualify for that one. But recently I was at Golden Nugget AC, and their requirement of inactivity for matching is 24 months! Yikes! Just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for that one.

  9. FYI, I was asked for my Oceans card at Resorts World for the free play and dining credit in April this year. Not checking in, but at the rewards desk.

  10. I did the Caesars Diamond match to Hard Rock ICON and Ocean Prime the week of 5/20/2024

    What’s the fine print on the 2 free nights at Hard Rock? Do they have to be redeemed within a certain time period?

    The Ocean 2 free nights have to be redeemed within 60 days of match.

    Also, on the Ocean deal for 2 free nights at Resorts World Las Vegas – do those need to be claimed in a certain time period?


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