You’ll recall that before the MGM IT meltdown last year, they had started a new MGM Rewards Tier Status Challenge program

There were some notable differences from the old pure Status Match we used to know and love.

Most notably, the match now only lasts for 90 days, has to be requested within a promotional date range, and – importantly – no longer matches from Caesars Diamond to MGM Gold.

And laughably, you need an absolutely absurd number of points (around 2/3 of what you’d need in 12 months, but within 3 months, to actually complete the challenge so good luck with that!) I covered that in more detail in last year’s MGM status match article.

It ended last June and while we had heard of some sporadic matches, there was nothing official and you could be denied as easily as be offered the challenge. 

Well, Michael Trager of TravelZork (link to the TravelZork Facebook Group) uncovered a new official match program which you can read about here.

Again, you’ll only get 90 days from it.

The new match (challenge) program is exactly the same as the old one, but runs through June 30th, 2024.

As before, the list of casinos you can match from is here. One thing that is very confusing is that it implies that only the casinos in the state listed for where you want to match counts, but in the past that has been very YMMV. 

For example, Hard Rock Unity ICON is listed under Florida casinos, but it’s likely that another MGM casino would match it – for example, Borgata or in Las Vegas. However, it’s not explicit and that may be dependent on who processes the match. Still, from the last match, national programs should work.

The biggest upside here is potentially using the new MGM Gold card you receive to match to Fontainebleau or, for me personally, to regain access to the Amphora lounge at Borgata since I have enough Comp Dollars but you need to be Gold to use it.

Keep in mind that as of now you can match Caesars Diamond to Hard Rock Unity ICON in Atlantic City (though the program year ends Feb 29 so you may want to wait until March 1st – although we don’t KNOW they will continue matching Caesars Diamond (hey, there are never any guarantees in match-land 😉 

They do not say one way or the other if this is a one time match. It’s possible you’ll be able to match once per promotional period or perhaps not. We don’t know.


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  1. You need 2/3 (for gold) or 3/4 (for platinum), not 1/3. 1/3 would be logical and achievable, but the current challenges are just laughable

  2. Can you match to MGM again, I was gold last year got match from hyatt expires this year looking to match again this year with this new match challenge. I have ceasar diamond and ICON


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