pcean prime 2023-2024 benefits and tier match

Ocean casino in Atlantic City has revamped their benefits for the Ocean Prime tier that gets matched from Hard Rock’s Rock Royalty (or ICON), per the Atlantic City match route in the master Status Match Merry Go Round™ article.

You can still match after 12 months (Updated below)

You can match after 18 months – this is up from 12 months in previous years – of inactivity (or be a new member) per the Tier Match brochure, but Wynn is out and Resorts World Las Vegas is in – and the MSC Cruise is now ANYWHERE in the world except China, good for an oceanview room on a 10 night sail. And it;’s still just a $400 deposit given back as onboard ship credit – no port fees or taxes – so it’s FREE!

Remember that if you matched after March 31 2023, they have said you’ll be extended through 2024 so you should be all set (though I’m not sure if that requires a visit or not; certainly it does if you want your new card with new expiration date).

MSC Cruise Benefit


Offer valid no more than once per calendar year. Sailings must occur prior to June 30, 2024. Reservations are subject to availability. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Additional fees required for blackout dates. Stateroom can be upgraded for an additional fee.

Deposit required at time of booking. Deposit will be refunded in the form of shipboard credit for Reserve and Prime Members only. Deposits and upgrade charges are non-refundable within 90 days of departure. Any changes of sailing date must be completed 91 days prior to selected sailing.

MSC Cruises reserves the right to refuse to honor any prices/sailings that are erroneously printed or quoted. Other restrictions may apply. Excludes China itineraries. 


Resorts World Las Vegas Benefit

You can book Hilton or Conrad, not Crockfords.


This offer is valid for one use exclusively for invited Ocean Rewards members only. Valid through June 30, 2024. Genting Rewards enrollment is required and members are subject to program terms and conditions. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change.

Offers received in error are not valid. Resorts World Las Vegas reserves the right to modify, revoke or discontinue this offer at any time without prior notice. Blackout dates may apply and room type is based on availability.

A two-night minimum stay is required to redeem this offer and any inclusions. This offer is not valid consecutively with or in conjunction with any other offer.

A valid major credit card must be presented upon check-in. The decisions of Resorts World Las Vegas management regarding all aspects of this promotion are final and binding, subject to NRS 463.362. When The Fun Stops. Problem Gamblers HelpLine 1-800-522-4700.

Link to Ocean’s Travel Benefits Brochure for more (well, the same?) details.

Huge HT to MilesTalk Facebook group member Michael M. for catching the new benefits on Day One!


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  1. Have you heard what they consider inactivity? We got the card a year ago and played only that weekend. The status was good until July if this year. We redeemed Wynn nights last month. Does the 18 months of inactivity countdown start from a year ago when we last played in the Ocean Casino, a month ago when we used the benefit of a free room at the Wynn or this month when our status/card expires? Thanks for your articles and info.

    • It’s the last time you did any of the following: stayed on a casino rate/freebie at the hotel, gambled with the card, used the card for a promo or to enter the lounge etc. Any actual card activity. Cruises etc don’t count.

      • I last played at ocean in late 2020
        I tier matched this January,used the free Wynn room but never played at ocean or went back after thay day. I did use the lounge but this wasn’t even a card swipe. I wasn’t even parked there as I walked over from hard rock.

        When I log into my ocean account it says last activity
        900 something days ago so I’m hoping to tier match again.

  2. Right now I’m waiting for my Wyndham/Caesars Diamond match. Once that happens, I’ll be visiting AC to get my Ocean Prime match. Does this mean I won’t be able to match again until 18 months later?

  3. Thanks for this Dave. Just wanna note since this was an apparent throng with Wynn that you had to book 30 days out , it doesn’t seem to be the case for Resorts world. Called on 7/2 and made reservation the same month.

    Combining this with Hilton gold will also apparently get you a $25 F&B credit per day.

    • Just got back from Resorts World. Stayed at the Conrad, tried to upgrade rooms (Hilton Gold) on a weekend and they only had 2 bedroom suites aviable at $2,000 a night. Everything was comped even the resort fee. Because of this they said I would not get the $25 F&B for being a Hilton Gold Member.

      For the slot credit & F&B credit it was not automatically loaded when I got my rewards card & I had to show the cage my offer. Keep in mind for the F&B offer you have to use your card & ID, don’t let them tell you it will taken off at the end from your room charges (I made that mistake and did not use the credit at all). The credit is on your rewards card.

  4. Completed Caesars diamond to HR to OP in less than an hour. Valet was comped all three casinos. Are the Resorts World benefits per colander years as long as the card isn’t expired? I plan to be in LV in November and next March for both for 5 nights. I’d consider staying all 10 nights at Conrad if I’m able to double dip. Finally, if my Ocean Prime card expires on 7/1/24 it’s my understanding I’ll have to wait 18mo without activity, then match again to to regain these benefits?

  5. Able to rematch August 2023 into Ocean Prime using Hard Rock Rock Royalty (didn’t use free nights the first time I status matched), waited until after the 15th of the next month to try to get my two nights at Resorts World. Called 9/18/23, they said my Prime number wasn’t on their list at Resorts World. They’re looking into it, will call back. Any advice or experience with issues redeeming? I booked my free MSC cruise today, so I know the Ocean Prime status is good

  6. If I have both Oceans Prime which gives the free MSC cruise and I also have Rivers Platimun which also says free 10-day cruise does that mean that I get 2 free MSC cruises or is that at the discretion of MSC to decide?

  7. I’m considering matching Caesars Diamond to Ocean Prime in early 2024. If I want to have my Ocean Prime status valid through 2025, do I need to wait until after March 31 2024 to match?

  8. Just getting into this status match game and got my FC card. So now I have done the status match to Ceasers Diamond. Says I need to go to the casino to get my card which I am hoping to do soon. After I pick up my Ceasers card do I just go to Oceans and show them that to status match so I can get the MSC cruise or will I need to do something else? TIA


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