rivers philly status match

A lot of MilesTalkers riding the Status Match Merry Go Round™ got in on some recent status matching in Philadelphia, namely to Live! and then Rivers, both uncovered by enterprising readers. Hard Rock Rock Royalty was doing the heavy lifting. 

You were getting Black level at Live!, which was enough for:

  • Complimentary Three Night Stay at the Hilton at Resorts World Las Vegas
  • Two Complimentary Nights when Two Nights are Paid for at Baha Mar

(And late last year, that was actually just straight free nights at Baha Mar, changed in 2023 to the BOGO).

Then you could get Black at Rivers which conferred a free cruise.

Well, Live! will no longer give Black level for any of the Merry Go Round card levels. Just Platinum, which doesn’t give you much.

rivers philly status match

And over at Rivers, now that you can’t get Black at Live!, you can’t match that to Black at Rivers.

While you still can match to Platinum, you no longer get a cruise. All of us caused them to add the following language:

*Tier Status must be earned to receive cruise benefits. Cruise benefits based on rated play. Tier match does not qualify for this benefit.

And as you know, some that got in before the change have been dealing with “maybe” having their cruise cancelled

The only thing that Rivers may still offer is *something* at Venetian, but that page is blank and I would bet that it will also have “earned status” language.

Nothing at all unreasonable about them closing the loophole. That’s just the game we play!

HT to Scott S in the MilesTalk Facebook group for pointing out that Rivers only matches to Platinum now from MGR casinos.


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  1. Bummer. I did my match to get Black at Live! with Hard Rock Royalty but I guess they have some automatic system that kicks you back down to Classic if you don’t play enough credits within a month of matching. Wish I had used that Resorts World Offer ASAP.

    I called Rivers recently to ask what exactly that Venetian offer entailed. I was told they have yet to announce that. Hopefully it’s not something earned.

      • That’s what they told me. I think I did it in December 2022. Hadn’t used it for anything. When I noticed in March I had been moved to Classic and tried to rematch in Philly I was told it was because they had a system in place that required you to play the actual required tier credits to maintain the status.


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