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Wynn Rewards Status Match / Tier Match

A couple of weeks ago, TravelZork had some intel about an upcoming Tier Match for April and May, but no info beyond that. Lips were sealed tight!

We have not seen a Wynn Tier Match offer since COVID (June of 2021) and we didn’t know if one would ever come back. 

This match is extra exciting because literally anyone with a Caesars Diamond card (hello to those of you on the Status Match Merry Go Round™!!) will get Wynn’s Platinum status which isn’t too shabby.

You have from now until May 31st to do this and ONLY in Las Vegas. That’s right, that means not in Boston, silly 😉 

What’s even more awesome is that this status will last through January 31, 2025. It’s a straight match – not a challenge. 

Wynn Rewards Status Benefits

You can get all hot and bothered by checking out the Wynn Rewards benefit chart here.

This section is most relevant (exciting!) for even Platinum tier – note the Birthday FreeCredit, the spa credit and the birthday dinner not to mention 2 complimentary MasterClasses for two people. 

  • * Subject to availability and discretion of Personal Casino Host.
  • ** Subject to availability.
  • *** Not available at Cipriani, Urth Caffé, Delilah and La Cave.
  • **** Subject to availability. Excludes Wynn Field Club.
  • ^ Platinum tier members must have completed (2) non-consecutive hotel stays at Wynn Las Vegas during the previous or current calendar year.

It appears that you can get the cruise without gambling BUT Platinum members so need two separate stays at Wynn during the current or previous year to redeem. 

Chart of Eligible Competitor Tiers

Here’s the list of what matches to what:

Also note that not only can’t you do this match in Boston, you can’t even use the benefits there (womp, womp for me in Connecticut!). 

But beyond everything above, with the card valid until Jan 31, 2025, the card could come in handy for another match later on…

HT to Facebook group member Raphael P. for noticing it went live!


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      • The birthday “freecredit” is free play, separate from birthday dinner perk.

        I found this on the terms page

        Wynn and Encore Las Vegas Birthday FREECREDIT

        55. FREECREDIT awarded as part of this Program benefit is valid during member’s month of birthday, must be activated by visiting a Wynn Rewards desk during Wynn Rewards desk’s operating hours before the last day of the month in which member’s birthday falls and must be redeemed at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas on or before the last day of that month .

        56. Complimentary birthday FREECREDIT will be based on member’s rated play at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas.

        57. FREECREDIT included in this Program benefit expires either seventy-two (72) hours after issuance or the last day of the month in which member’s birthdate falls, whichever occurs first and any unused FREECREDIT will be forfeited.

        • My bad.. I was assuming they meant the dining credit.. I’m not used to calling free play “credit.” But one could so much figure that it’s based on your value to them if there is no set amount.. don’t play? $5.. play? Sky is the limit..

  1. Great article! Thanks. Does one just walk into any WYNN casino in Vegas with their Caesars Diamond Card and ask host for a status match? Or what else do I need to know before flying out to Vegas to do the match? For the required two night stay to qualify for the free cruise….. any other Wynn or affiliated hotels in states other than Vegas that would count? Thanks again.

  2. I noticed the Rio was listed under Ceasars. Any way to parlay a globalist with Hyatt (since rio is now part of Hyatt) into diamond into platinum with Wynn?

  3. does this mean you can stay at Wynn twice in 2024 to qualify for free cruise and then twice in January 2025 to qualify for another free cruise? I assume cruise offer must be used on a cruise the same calendar year?

    I also read somewhere that two stays at Wynn require at least 72 hours between stay?

  4. Is the match instant and can the benefits be used instantly? The terms say it can take “up to” seven days for the match to go through but that seems to defeat the purpose a bit (many people don’t spend more than a week in Vegas). Considering matching 7* at CET and giving Wynn a little action (or a lot if things go well) if that matters.

    • I’m wondering this as well, if the benefits Come pretty quick, or instantly really. I’ll be showing up, matching and hope to use the spa crédit and masterclass crédit that day and the following day. Hope I don’t get disappointed.


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