capital one avianca lifemiles transfer bonus

If you have credit cards that earn Capital One Miles, like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card or the Capital One Spark Miles for Business, you recently got a boost when transferring to Avianca LifeMiles as they went from a transfer ratio of 2:1.5 to 1:1.

Get 25% More Avianca LifeMiles on Capital One Transfers

From now through July 2nd, you can do even better, getting a 25% bonus. Since these cards earn 2 miles per dollar charged, this is like earning 2.5 miles per dollar on every day spend.

We see lots of LifeMiles transfer bonuses from Amex and Citi, though I believe this is a first for Capital One and we sure love these transfer bonuses!

I logged into to Capital One to transfer 1,000 miles to Cathay Pacific to extend expiration and noticed the Avianca LifeMiles offer.

There are some major pros and major cons to Lifemiles

The pros are that they don’t tack on fuel surcharges, meaning that you can book a First Class Lufthansa flight without any of Lufthansa’s own surcharges which can top $500 one way and for just 87,000 Lifemiles (versus, for example, 113,000 United miles for the same flight) and 63,000 miles for Business Class.

Cons include how hard it is to make any changes at all once ticketed and that the site sometimes shows phantom award availability.

Especially noteworthy is how abysmal is has been for people to deal with Lifemiles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hours long phone calls (if you can get someone at all), run arounds, months and months for refunds on cancellations, and even service fees deducted from refunds. Trying to make changes may even be worse than cancellations.

I would keep this in mind should you have a Star Alliance flight to book, but I wouldn’t advise transferring speculatively. Especially now.

Most of you by now know what the pros and cons are, so really I’m just advising of this transfer bonus….

Other Notes on Avianca Lifemiles


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