pcean prime 2023-2024 benefits and tier match

Now that Ocean in Atlantic City has moved to a new policy of 18 months since your last activity in order to “re-match” to the Prime elite status tier (effective July 1, 2023), you have to be careful to not give them any business for 6 months longer than previously. It’s a shame as I actually love to gamble there, but rules are rules!

So many are asking me how they can tell what defines “activity” and how to tell when they were last active.

What Does Inactivity Mean at Ocean Casino?

Don’t worry, it’s not when you last booked or sailed on a cruise, or booked Wynn or used Wynn nights. It’s simply any on-property activity that involves any sort of comp, including a hotel night (and including a discounted casino rate as well as full comp. Aside from a room, the standard activities would include:

  • Putting your card in the casino promotions machine to print a promo.
  • Putting your card in a slot machine
  • Giving your card to a table game dealer
  • Using any comps or comp dollars (or slot dollars)

If you haven’t done any of that, then you are in the clear to wait 18 months and re-match.

How Can You Check Your Inactivity Status at Ocean?

It’s also super easy to check online at https://www.theoceanac.com/.

Just login and scroll down a bit. You’ll find they actually tell you, very clearly, how long you have been inactive. I was all set for a September re-match, but now that will have to be March 2024 or later. 

ocean casino inactivity atlantic city


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  1. The last time I was in Atlantic City was July 2022, but it shows my days since last activity as zero. I wonder what’s up with that.

  2. Omg, mine says 0 days too (should be around 300 days inactive). I hope I didn’t reset it by logging in to the oceans website.

  3. Also showing zero. My last time on site was January when I used the card to park but did not gamble. Any idea if that counts as activity?

  4. My last activity date on the app is November 2022. I haven’t stepped foot in AC or done anything with the account since February 2022. Frustrating.

  5. Does anyone have further insight into the “zero” days since inactivity status and rematching? I haven’t been to AC in 12 months.

    • website shows 0 in days, downloading the app to phone and logging in shows the date i last used the card in the casino. Hence download and check the app on cell phone.

  6. I see other people say it shows 11/9/2022, regardless of their actual last activity. Does it say 11/9/2022 for everyone? That’s what I show too in the app, and it is not correct.


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