mgm status match

By a month, anyway. 

As most of us know, MGM has been matching status for quote some time now, although a couple of months ago they stopped matching Caesars Diamond to MGM Gold (now just Pearl).

Note that we’ve found workarounds for both Atlantic City and Southern California, which are listed in the master Status Match Merry Go Round article.

For many, many months MGM has made clear that matched MGM status would expire on June 30th. We didn’t know “why” that date, mid year, but that has been the deal. We all have accepted that in the hopes that matching to Hyatt will mean we can match back from Hyatt when it expires.

Well, those that have already matched have gotten an extra month added to their MGM status, with it now set to expire on July 31st, per emails sent out to those that have matched. 

MGM status match extension july 2023

Additionally, new MGM status matches are now being accepted until July 31st as well, giving you more time to try out that Southern California Status Match On-Ramp or Atlantic City on-ramp from Caesars Diamond (in a round about way, of course!).

The Atlantic City version involves starting with a Wyndham Business Earner Card or a completed Wyndham Diamond status match (10 nights) >> Caesars Diamond >> Hard Rock Rock Royalty >> Ocean Prime >> MGM Gold (in person, lasts until July 31, 2023) >> Hyatt Explorist (online). You do need to do this all in person after getting the Caesars match… (You do match Wyndham to Caesars online, though you need to get the card in person.)

The only question is…. why? Why extend one month? I just hope it’s not because….

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