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Wyndham Status Matches are Back- Match up to Diamond

I honestly thought this might have never returned post-pandemic but here we are! However…. it’s now a Status Challenge.

You’ll recall that pre-pandemic this was the primary on-ramp to the Status Match Merry Go Round™.

Head on over to Wyndham’s status match page and match most of the easiest statuses to get in the world (like Marriott Bonvoy Gold+ and Hilton Gold). For some reason Hyatt has always been the outlier, requiring Globalist to match to Diamond.

But if you have Hilton Gold via the Hilton Surpass or Hilton Business credit cards (which both have free nights right now as part of their bonus offers) or an IHG Premier or IHG Business Premier card which confers IHG Platinum, you are golden for this match.

Let me just quickly add that this is really only for those that couldn’t get approved for the Wyndham Business Earner since that is SO much easier than this.

What Matches to What?

The chart appears to be identical to before:

Hotel Loyalty Program Hotel Loyalty Program Status Awarded Wyndham Rewards Member Level (the “Awarded Member Level”)
Marriott Bonvoy Rewards Member GOLD
Silver Elite PLATINUM
Gold Elite

Platinum Elite

Titanium Elite

Ambassador Elite

Hilton Honors Member GOLD


Choice Privileges Member GOLD


Best Western Rewards Blue GOLD



Diamond Select DIAMOND
World of Hyatt Member GOLD


Globalist DIAMOND
IHG One Rewards Club Member GOLD
Silver Elite

Gold Elite

Platinum Elite

Diamond Elite

Radisson Rewards Club GOLD


Platinum DIAMOND
Omni Select Guest Gold GOLD
Silver Elite

Gold Elite

Platinum Elite

Diamond Elite



How Does It Work as a Status Challenge, Though?

You’ll need 10 actual nights to keep the Diamond status past 90 days.

Per Wyndham: “In the event that Member completes the requisite number of Qualifying Night within their ninety (90) day period, his/her/their Awarded Level will remain in effect through December 31 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which such Qualifying Night(s) were completed, unless it is extended or superseded in accordance with the WR Terms.”

So if you don’t hit those 10 nights in 90 days, you lose the Diamond status.

How to Get the Match?

Per Wyndham: “To request the Awarded Member Level, an eligible Hotel Loyalty Program member (an “Applicant”) must: (i) visit https://help.wyndhamrewards.com/s/status-match and either sign into their existing Wyndham Rewards account, or complete and submit the “Join Wyndham Rewards” form to become a Wyndham Rewards Member; and (ii) complete and submit the Status Match Request Form, including proof of their Hotel Loyalty Program status. Upon Wyndham Rewards’ verification of an Applicant’s Hotel Loyalty Program status information, such Applicant will receive the applicable Awarded Member Level. Member should expect to receive such validation via email between 5-7 days from submission of his/her Status Match Request Form. Such Awarded Member Level will become effective upon such verification.”

Note that you must already be a Wyndham member to do this so create an account if you don’t have one.

What Counts as a Qualifying Night?

Of course you might wonder if award stays count for Qualifying Nights. The status match page doesn’t say – but there is a separate page on Wyndham for this which says:

A “Qualifying Night” is any of the following:

  • A paid, stayed night during a Qualified Stay at a Participating Property (so long as the Qualified Stay has an average daily rate of at least $25);
  • A paid, stayed Go Fast award night at any type of participating property;
  • A stayed Go Free award night at any type of participating property.

So, I think that it SHOULD count, though you might want to verify after initiating the match until it’s confirmed with certainty.

I trust you all can come up with 10 super cheap Wyndham family nights worst case.


Will Caesars accept a match to Caesars Diamond from a matched tier before the 90 days is up?

Here’s my take: They probably will – until they are inundated, at which point they won’t. That is my best guess.

That would at least get you Caesars status for the rest of this program year which is through next January.

If you do complete this match with 10 nights, you can definitely match – and not only that you’ll have Wyndham Diamond through Dec 2024, so you would definitely also be able to match again in February 2024 and retain Caesars Diamond through January 2025.

Just remember that beyond that, Caesars formally ended the match/re-match, so it’s very possible that Jan 2025 would be the end of your gravy train on this – but that’s close to two years 🙂

HUGE MEGA Tip of the Hat to MilesTalk Group Member Tim S.


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  1. Hi,

    I contacted Wyndham about status match after doing the 10 qualifying night stay. Their response was since we received the membership level through a status match, we wont be eligible for the status match with Caesar’s even after staying the 10 nights. Disappointed!

  2. Hi Dave,

    I recently submitted a request through the website but haven’t received any response for more than three weeks. As a result, I decided to contact both Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Rewards regarding this matter. Unfortunately, they informed me that since I obtained the status through tier-match, I am not eligible for the benefits. I even confirmed with Wyndham if I would be able to match after completing a 10-night stay, but that option was also not available.

    Nevertheless, I am still going to give it a try.

    • I still don’t understand the timing. If you did the match on May 3st, the first day it was back, and even if they approved it in one day, that would be a June 1 start. If you mattress ran 10 nights IMMEDIATELY, that’s June 11th (at least). It’s not even been three weeks since then. Something’s not adding up unless you tried to match before your 10th night posted which would have definitely not worked and also drawn extra attention to your account.


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