Status Match Merry Go Round

Normally, in January I post that, if you are on the Status Match Merry Go Round, it’s time to match your Caesars Diamond status back to Wyndham Diamond. That’s because Wyndham resets January 1st, while Caesars resets February 1st.

This year, it’s unnecessary for most of us. Wyndham extended status for another year due to the pandemic, so there’s nothing to match back. You should still be Diamond.

But it’s still worth double checking. So login to your Wyndham account and make sure you are still Diamond. If for any reason you are not, you can rematch from Caesars.

As I wrote last month, I suspect you will need your Wyndham status to match back to Caesars come February 1st, as it seems that Caesars may not be extending matched statuses.

Status Match Merry Go Round Flowchart
Status Match Merry Go Round Flowchart

(Note on the above chart: That match to Wyndham is still on pause. As well, MLife now resets Jan 1st, though they extended status. It will be time for a new flow chart post-COVID!)


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