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A few weeks ago I let you know about a fantastic addition to the Status Match Merry Go Round.

This new match requires a trip to the Ocean Casino in Atlantic City and comes with two free nights. It, of course, also requires that you already have your Hard Rock Rock Royalty status. Read that post first if you haven’t already since this post is Part 2. The match gets you Ocean Prime status.

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Now, the terms state that you can receive two free nights at Wynn per calendar year as well as a free MSC Caribbean cruise. The terms also state that you won’t be able to book until after the 15th of the following month. This is very true and it turns out they manually send a list of new Ocean Prime members on the 15th.

So I called back both Wynn and MSC today to clarify some things that I wondered about (or that some of you asked me about).

Wynn – Two Free Nights

You can use the two free nights any night of the week, including weekends, but there are limits on when. If the room rate is higher than normal, don’t expect to be able to use them The nights I booked were selling for $239, but when I asked about a weekend with $800 nights, I was (as expected) told those weren’t available.

You can opt to not pay a resort fee, which is around $45 plus tax. If you opt out, you can buy Wifi on its own for a price of $20 and up based on speed/devices. If you add casino marketing nights on to your stay before or after the comp nights, you will then be required to pay a resort fee on ALL nights. But, if you book those other nights elsewhere, you would only have to pay the resort fee on the nights booked elsewhere. Just be sure to book the same room type so the front desk can check you out and back in without moving you.

Thought the terms imply that this is valid only at Wynn, I successfully booked Encore.

You can use the benefit once per calendar year, so if you match now you can use it in 2021 and again in 2022. From then on if you re-qualify for status you get it each calendar year. Realistically, we’ll see what match options await down the road 😉

MSC Cruises – Free 7 Night Cruise

You’ll get a free 7 day cruise, once per calendar year, in an ocean view room and only in the Caribbean.

Port fees and tax are included, however they will take a $400 deposit. The deposit is put into your onboard account but they tell me you can even take that out at the casino – which to me means essentially a full refund. I asked about an upgrade to a balcony room which I was told would be about $800. But there really are no other fees.

And remember that MSC is the cruise line with a status match program, so grab your highest hotel or casino or cruise tier and match before cruising.

I think that pretty much covers it…. pretty nice deals!

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  1. Fantastic! I’m from Brazil (American citizen) and going to Atlantic City next week to match status in all of those programs

    Im already caesars diamond status and I love Vegas

    Thanks a lot for this article mate

  2. Looking forward to my Atlantic City trip next month for these status matches! Some clarifying questions if they are relevant to what you booked:

    1) Do the Wynn comp nights also work at Encore?
    2) For the 7 day (nights? 8 days?) cruise, can you depart from Miami/Orlando to the Carribean or does the entire cruise have to start/end in the Carribean? The example you screenshotted last time was a 7 night, 8 day cruise out of Miami. Did you end up booking that/a similar one?

    Thank you for writing this update to the Merry Go Round!

    • You’re welcome! I didn’t actually book a cruise because I’m not personally cruising at this time…. so I really just called to do the research for all of you 🙂 But yes, a cruise from a US port to Caribbean is what I meant (although I’m sure an intra-Caribbean one would work, too).

      The Wynn room has to be Wynn, not Encore.


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