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Disney Springs Reopening Sparks Mass Mask Controversy

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As the country begins taking baby steps to reopen, businesses are finding that no matter what tact they take to ensure the safety of both their staff and guests, they will have a contentious battle between the pro-mask and anti-mask crowds.

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Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida Reopens May 20th

Disney Springs offers retail shopping, dining, and entertainment and it’s partial reopening marks the first phase in the Disney World reopening plan.

This Wednesday, May 20th, is when Disney fans will be able to return to Disney Springs, though not yet to the rest of Walt Disney World.

A great many Annual Pass-holders have been anxiously awaiting this day, but it seems not everyone anticipated what the rules would be in a new COVID-19 reality.

Here are the rules for reopening at Disney Springs:

Face Coverings: Any guest age 3 or older will have to wear a face covering. Cast members and third-party operators in the park must follow the same rules.  You may remove the mask while sitting and eating at a dining establishment. You must bring your own face covering.  You can, if you’d like, order a Disney themed face covering.

Temperature Screenings: Your temperature will be taken on arrival. If you have a temperature of 100.4 of higher you will be turned away. Additionally, your entire party will be refused entry. It’s encouraged that you check your own temperature before heading to Disney Springs to avoid that scenario.

Physical Distancing Measures in Place: There will be a limit on guests in Disney Springs and in each location within Disney Springs.  Ground markings will help with keeping safe distances while in a queue.

disney springs reopening

How Do Disney Guests Feel About This?

Much like our country, there is quite the mix of comments on the Disney Blog where this announcement was made.

On the one hand are comments praising Disney for keeping the staff and guests safe. On the other side are comments from those that claim they will never patronize Disney again because of the safety requirements. There are a handful that simply say they understand the reasoning but will choose to wait until the mask requirement is no longer in place to visit.

Needless to say, many of the comments are not in line with the Happiest Place on Earth and have devolved into what you might expect in political commentary.


Will Disney Staff Actually Enforce The Mask Rule?

While it’s not addressed in the Disney announcement, my guess is yes. I 100% believe that Disney security will remove anyone not adhering to this, based on my experience with how Disney is run as a company.  I do not believe in any way that they will say masks are required and then just look the other way when people don’t comply – as is the case with US airlines that say you must weak a mask unless you don’t feel like wearing a mask.


Bottom Line

We are in the middle of a pandemic. Companies have a responsibility to keep their staff safe and to keep their customers safe. At the present moment, requiring masks is the right move. Nobody that doesn’t wear a mask has to go to Disney Springs right now.

You can wait until the rules get relaxed, whenever that is. Your opinions on the efficacy of or necessity for masks doesn’t override a business’ decision to require them during a health crisis featuring a respiratory illness that is highly contagious via the very air you expel while breathing.

People that don’t want to wear masks don’t have to – when they are in their own private spaces. But they also can’t demand that private businesses ignore the CDC and common sense.

It’s no different than not wanting to go to Disney because food is too expensive or the admission fees are too high. The rules are the rules and those that don’t like them can…. not patronize the business.

Note that I’ve made zero political commentary here…. I’ve opined only about public health.


But I am curious…. If you are a Disney fans, will you head back while masks are required?

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

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