mgm status match

Or at least I don’t think so.

I’m sure we are all getting a bit tired of trying to figure out *exactly* what is happening with these MGM tier matches.

First we talked about the rumor that the MGM/Hyatt relationship was ending altogether.

Then we (thought) we learned that the whole thing was a misunderstanding per casino staff.

And now, today, we learn the answer lies somewhere in between. Not amazing news, but not the worst.

mgm tier match

What we learned is that the MGM Tier Match page has just been updated to reflect the fact that casino matches given from now to June 30th are only valid until June 30th. This is actually pretty dumb, as that means a May match gets like a month of status and obviously no time to requalify. My guess is that closer to June this gets revised to something like 6 months from match date, but we’ll see.

So how does this impact the Status Match Merry Go Round™? That’s all we really care about, right?

Well, as of now it seems you would still be able to match this promotional tier to Hyatt Explorist (unless THAT changes) which would mean that you could actually match back online via the MGM/Hyatt partnership. Then you’d have the statuses to rematch early next year and keep going.

The key words are, I think, casino matches. The page says absolutely nothing about the Hyatt reciprocal match. I think this may work much like the Caesars match via the Wyndham Earner Business card.

Remember Caesars already fell off the “Go Round” portion of the Merry Go Round, however you’d still be able to use this for an in person Tier Match to Caesars – keeping in mind that it’s meant to be for new members only and YMMV on an existing account.

So, the crux of this now hinges on being able to match the promotional tier with Hyatt and back and, well, until we get to July we won’t know for sure. Nothing has changed on the Hyatt Tier Match page (yet).

I know this is sure creating a roller coaster where the Merry Go ROund should be, but I want to keep you as up to date as possible.


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