Pay rent with a 1% credit card fee RoomiPay [LIMITED]

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For a while, MilesTalk was partnering with Roomi to offer fee-free rent payments via credit card.

The promotion went, as expected, too well…. Nobody expected Roomi to absorb those credit card fees forever.

Recently, Roomi shifted to a model wherein you are required to register with the Roomi system and also make your payments using ACH (meaning that you must have your landlord’s bank account and routing information).

They also went to a 2% – 2.5% fee. Last month I was able to offer my readers a slightly lower rate of 1.9%.

Right now, Roomi is letting me offer the next 125 payments at a very reduced rate of 1%.

This will be while supplies last only and only via this link.  

If the deal is dead already, know that first notification of this deal went to the private MilesTalk Facebook group, so if you aren’t already in, you may want to apply to join and catch the deal next time.

I know, it’s not free. But it is the best deal on the market (unless your landlord is cool with a boatload of $250 checks from Plastiq – no question that is a better deal)

If you’re not already registered with Roomi, here’s what you need to do *before* using the MilesTalk 1% link:

1. Go to or download the Roomi app and sign-up
2. Once logged in, go to your profile
3. Click on “Get Verified.”
Then you can follow this link to make your 1% payment.
Why use this deal?
1) To meet minimum spend for a signup bonus on a new card.
2) To use a card that gives you 2% cashback or more and make a profit.
Why not use this deal?
1) If you can’t get your landlord’s ACH info
2) If you have a way to get a lower rate. i.e. perhaps you have a bunch of Fee Free Dollars with Plastiq.

Will you pay your rent for a 1% fee? Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

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