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MilesTalkers sure love status matching, there’s no question about that.

And if you are contemplating switching from one airline that you have status on to another that you don’t, it can be pretty tough to compare the service of the new airline fairly. That is why, historically, loyalty programs ave offered status matches.

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United took their status match program offline late last year as it worked to retool the program to mesh with it’s new loyalty program that rewards purely based on spend and has absolutely no tethering to miles flown.

This weekend, United relaunched their status match program to American Airlines AAdvantage and Delta SkyMiles elite members.

United Airlines Status Match

You’ll get an initial 90 day match as follows:

Frequent flyer programLevelLevelLevel
Delta Air Lines Medallion® levelSilverGoldPlatinum
American Airlines AAdvantage elite statusGoldPlatinumPlatinum Pro
Level matched to in MileagePlusPremium SilverPremier GoldPremier Platinum

After that, you’ll need to hit various PQP and PQF requirements to keep your status. The PQPs are the Premier Qualifying Points earned under the new revenue-based system and the PQFs are the number of flights you have to take to qualify.

You’ll have 90 days to meet the criteria for your specific United status challenge as follows:

MileagePlus Premier statusPQF and PQP requirements
Premier SilverFly 4 PQF and earn 1,000 PQP on flights operated by United or United Express
Premier GoldFly 6 PQF and earn 2,000 PQP on flights operated by United or United Express
Premier PlatinumFly 10 PQF and earn 3,000 PQP on flights operated by United or United Express

As much as we all love alliance benefits, make sure to take heed the flights must be operated by United.

Definitely take the time to read all the details on the United Status Match page and note that you may wish to wait until July 1st if you can, to get an extra 6 months of status per this note on the site: “Earned 2020 Premier status: Customers who earn Premier status through this promotion will have their accounts updated in the system within five to seven business days of completion and posting of the outlined PQF and PQP requirements for the status level matched to in MileagePlus. Earned 2020Premier status is valid through January 2021. The MileagePlus status is valid through January 2022 for customers who earn Premier status through this promotion on or after July 1, 2020.”

Of course, do it when you know you’ll be able to satisfy the requirements.



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