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I was super excited to finally try Amtrak’s Acela First Class. After all, with a cost generally $100-$150 more than Acela Business Class (Acela has only those two classes of service), I would never pay for it.

But while buying Amtrak tickets to come down to Washington DC for Frequent Traveler University / Travel and Adventure Show this weekend, I enquired of the MilesTalk Facebook group if anyone had any discount codes.

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None did, but group member Chris C. graciously offered to gift me one of his earned 1st Class upgrades (it can be used to upgrade from Coach to Business on a standard train or Acela Business to Acela First within 12 hours of the train’s departure.

A few hours before departure I called to upgrade. After the coupon failed to apply correctly online, I had a frontline rep scream and scold me for buying a Saver fare which are no longer eligible to upgrade as of March 1, 2020 (Spoiler alert: I bought a Value fare which is eligible for upgrades).  The supervisor I quickly asked for understood the issue and was able to issue the upgrade.

One upgraded, the app let me select a seat. I grabbed the one remaining solo seat in the back of the train car.

Club Acela – Penn Station (Access included with First Class Acela tickets)

Holy cow. What a DUMP. Just awful.

The people that work here must really hate life. I was scolded when I walked in for trying to show my boarding card, scolded again when I asked if there was any priority boarding procedure for First (apparently there is everywhere except Penn Station) and then scolded again for standing too near the desk when I wanted to ask that question.

I would not have felt less welcome if I was begging for change.

If you ask them, they’ll eventually tell you your train’s gate before the masses know – the one perk so you can walk out to the right gate and not have to queue. But they didn’t make an announcement so if I hadn’t thought to ask, I wouldn’t have known.

The lounge itself has plenty of seating but is also very crowded. Kind of like a super crowded United Club (fitting since they have a partnership). No food at all, just some water and soda. And the restroom was just like what you’d find inside Penn Station – just smaller.

Here are some pictures of Club Acela Penn Station NYC:

Onboard Amtrak’s Acela First Class NYP-WAS

The real differences between Business and First are:

  • Single seats are available – as opposed to 2×2 in Business
  • You can choose a seat ahead of time (assigned seating)
  • A full hot meal is served
  • Beverages are complimentary
  • Club Acela access (supposedly nicer outside of NYC)

Here’s my seat followed by a 1×1 with a table. There are also normal 2’s and 4’s with tables

Seat 16A – Coronavirus Sanitized by Me

Here’s the Acela First Class Menu (it rotates)

I chose the short rib (healthy option).

That’s a heavy chocolate mousse dessert in back along with my iced coffee.

The short rib wasn’t awful, though only a few pieces of meat and they were far from lean. The polenta was tasty. The mousse hit the spot.

Fancy! Fiji water – all you can drink!

Overall Review of Acela First Class?

It’s still a train. It’s the same train. The meal is a nice bonus, but certainly not worth a premium. The single seat options and assigned seating are wonderful – especially if like me you are trying to work onboard.

It’s also nice having two people serving you on a train – one handles beverages and the other meals. I’m sure each had other tasks as well.

I really liked the assigned seating and single seat – power ports all to myself!

If you are departing Penn Station in NYC, you see the lounge is nothing to get there early for.

I’d do it again if I had an upgrade coupon or maybe for as much as $50 more than business if I would be working on board – but I wouldn’t pay more than that….

Have you taken Amtrak’s Acela First Class before? What did you think?

Let me know here, on Twitter, or in the private MilesTalk Facebook group.

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