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Updated: Now valid until Dec 31, 2022. HT to reader Rachael D in the Facebook group for catching this.

Regular followers of the Status Match Merry Go Round have been frustrated since about March 2020 that the “on ramp” to the merry go round (Wyndham Rewards matched) has been paused.

The Match to MGM Rewards Requires Travel to New Jersey or Massachusetts – Usually

However, in the meantime, another pain point of the Merry Go Round, especially for those that already have Caesars Rewards Diamond status via Wyndham (or even via Founders Card) is that you need to match to MGM Rewards in person at the Borgata in Atlantic City or at the MGM Springfield in Massachusetts.

That’s certainly inconvenient for anyone on the West Coast, and it’s a bummer since the MGM Rewards status match can be electronically matched to Hyatt Explorist status. And then those can be matched back and forth each year at expiration.

If you are getting lost, please have a read of the Status Match Merry Go Round master article and then come back.

You Can Now Match at ANY MGM Casino in the US

However, now through Dec 31, 2022, you seem to be able to match at any MGM Rewards Rewards booth in the entire country under an all-MGM Rewards promotion. That includes Las Vegas and even the Empire Casino in Yonkers, NY. This was set to expire June 30th.

However, the casinos that MGM varies by state. So, for example, while Empire in Yonkers will match to local NY casinos, they don’t seem to match to Caesars.

That promotion, detailed here, explains what every casino in the country – and Canada – will match to based on your status there.

If you are Caesars Diamond or Diamond Plus, you can expect a match to MGM Rewards Gold. Diamond Elite and Seven Stars get MGM Platinum. The match includes just about any casino, though. Match from Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Heck, you can even match from Rivers Casino in Schenectady, NY, which I didn’t even know existed (yet, oddly, Turning Stone in NY, a Caesars partner, isn’t listed).

While this opens up a slew of locations to match, I should mention that if you CAN match for the first time at Borgata, you’ll also get free match play and a free “anytime” hotel night there. So, it remains the best option if you can get there.

If not, match in Vegas or match wherever you have an MGM Rewards casino. Just match by the end of the year…

Once you have MGM Rewards Gold+, you can match to Hyatt Explorist

Just hit the OPT IN button here. Note, if that doesn’t work, try going to this page on the MGM Website and logging in. Look for the OPT-IN button on that page.

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Will You Match to MGM Rewards Gold or Platinum?

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  1. I am currently Wyndham Diamond and Caesar’s Diamond through a match. I’m disappointed that since I live in Michigan, the MGM promotion states that they will only match two of the Detroit Casino’s statuses, not Caesars. Do you know if the original MGM matching locations in Atlantic City or Springfield will match regardless of where I live?

  2. Are you sure that MGM Springfield will match Caesar’s status? On MGM’s website it only lists Plainridge Park Casino as a place they will match.

  3. Are you sure that MGM will match with Caesar’s at Springfield? On MGM’s website it says that the only place they match with there is a different regional casino.

    • I cannot say anything with *certainty* as so much of this is YMMV. I would call them if you are concerned to double check. Historically MGM Springfield has been very liberal with matches and they have their own match program separate from this master match by MGM.

  4. Hi Dave,

    If I live in Michigan, am I allow to match from other hotels? For example, can I drive over to Harrah’s Joliet, Illinois to pick up my Caesars Diamond card and match to MGM Gold there? Also, the website says visit the MGM rewards desk, is this desk in Harrah’s Joliet (Caesar propery) or where is this desk?

    Sorry, starting my first status merry go round!

  5. If I’m heading to Vegas in a week, should I hold off on creating an Caesars account online, and wait to do it in person at the rewards desk? I’m booking a few hotel nights so would like to do so to start collecting points before I status match my MGM Gold, but didn’t know how strict Caesars would be when it comes to “new members”.

  6. Just got Wyndham Diamond through new business card, just matched to Caesars Diamond. Live near MGM National Harbor in MD, it seems based on the MGM Tier Match promo page that they aren’t matching Caesars if you go to a Maryland MGM property? Am I understanding that correct? Nearest that shows Casears match is Philadelphia and it states “Harrahs Philadelphia”…… I need to go to Harrahs Philadelphia and get a physical card that shows that property on it and take it to where? Thanks for any clarification

    • I see Caesars clearly listed under Maryland. Don’t worry about the specific Caesars casino it references as your Caesars isn’t tied to any casino. Should be just fine.

  7. Currently Caesars Diamond… now that MGM has acquired Cosmo (which I frequent)… having MGM status match me to Gold is awesome.
    However I don’t live near an MGM property. That being said, what happens after June 30, 2022? Will I still be able to obtain status match? My next Vegas trip is August so I intended to visit in person then… will that be too late?

  8. Just matched to Caesar Diamond from Wyndham and plan on matching to MGM Rewards in Vegas near end of month. You don’t need a new MGM account to do so right?

  9. Hi,

    If I apply for the Caesars Rewards credit card and get diamond staus via their promotion. Can I then take that Caesars diamond status to MGM and status match to MGM Gold? Thank you

    • The Caesars Rewards credit card only gives you Platinum which will not get you on the Merry Go Round at all.

      You would need the Wyndham Business Earner credit card for Diamond status.

  10. Dave- I just received the Wyndham Rewards Earner business Card, and am awaiting my status match to Caesar’s to go thru. Would it be better to wait till next year to match to MGM, or go ahead and match asap? I was not sure, if i matched in Sept or Oct, when the MGM match would expire? Also, do the Atlantic City MGM properties match every year? I see that Las Vegas properties are only matching thru end of year. Thoughts?

    • Great questions. Once you have Caesars Diamond, go ahead and match at MGM. Then you can also match that to Hyatt. No need to wait. Match will expire next year, but you’ll a) be able to match back from your Hyatt and b) you can always match at Borgata in Atlantic City 🙂

  11. any ways to get it remotely matched? i got the caesar diamond card in my hand. mgm casino would be 10 hour drive, or 4 hours by plane 🙁


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